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  1. Hi awooga, Yes. I am downloading to the SD card, and yes I am also using the Web GUI. Thanks, Stephan
  2. Hi Foxtrot, I am running firmware version 1.06 The modules themselves all have version numbers, but I can't locate anything for module manager. Google didn't have the answer either.l I got onto the Pineapple via ssh. I see modules.d and modules.boot.d both dated March 10. I hope that helps. Apologies if I missed something obvious. :o) Stephan
  3. Hi Everyone, Sorry for the newbie question, but I have not been able to download RandomRoll no matter how long I let it run. (e.g. overnight) I want to use it for a class demo to show my students about the Pineapple. I have been able to download other modules before trying RandomRoll and after. I realize it's quite a bit larger (hence the overnight download test), but it didn't help. The Pineapple icon keeps flashing, and the words "Downloading Module, please wait" never changes. The network traffic is very minimal during this download. Typicaly it's been between 0 and 2k. Not really even enough to consider there is actually a download in progress. I have rebooted the Linux laptop as well as the Pineapple. I have deleted cookies, cache, and everything a couple of times. I have a 64Gb Samsung Evo Plus micro sd card in the Pineapple, and I am storing everything there. No worries about running out of storage. I used the same laptop to download a 26 megabyte image from Nasa in less than one second, so it's not a bandwidth constraint. I suspect something is wrong with the file that is hosted on WiFiPineapple, but I can't confirm that. The download process from WiFi Pineapple *is* working though all the other modules are minuscule in comparison to RandomRoll. I think that covers everything. Any help would be appreciated. Best, Steph
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