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  1. I hacked the following together to autostart EP until newbi3 builds in that feature. Not a complete solution by any means but the steps below got me running.


    root into Pineapple

    cd /pineapple/modules/EvilPortal/executable

    chmod +x executable

    ln -s executable start_evilportal

    (you can now start EvilPortal by CLI "./executable start" to make autostart on boot I did the following)

    cd /etc/init.d

    nano evilportal

    #!/bin/sh /etc/rc.common
    #EvilPortal init.d script.
    start() {
            /pineapple/modules/EvilPortal/executable/executable start

    chmod +x evilportal

    /etc/init.d/evilportal enable

    cd /etc/rc.d

    ls (should now be a file called S99zevilportal. If it's there you are good to go)

    reboot pineapple - EP should autostart on boot :)

    Hope this helps someone out.

    Hey newbi3 - Any idea on when the https issues might be fixed?

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