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  1. Probably the best bet is to make ducky get file from external source , and from there the possibilities are endless :-)
  2. Hey guys Was wondering if anyone had any success with clear text win10 passwd's and credential manager.
  3. Any interesting examples you guys have with reverse shell ?
  4. Just got my first rubberducky and it quacks like a keyboard looking forward in some serious pen testing. im interested in the reverse shell methods From my understanding it connects to another computers ip and port , and then opens up somekind of shell. From the other computer it should be possible to run remote commands ,,, am I getting this correct ? Questions : 1. Is it possible to listen on keystrokes with reverse shell ? - If not , what other methods would work for the keystrokes, preferrably on win10 ? 2. what programs should be setup on the other end and how should they be
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