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  1. Seems like i can't get any traffic logging module to work. Same issue with DWall. I don't see any traffic from connected clients. The only thing that i got to work is urlsnarf. Any idea what's wrong? I hit "Enable" and then "Start Listening". After that is shows the pineapple icon animating and that's it. I surf with my connected which is connected to PineAP but i don't see any traffic.
  2. Hi, i am having issues seeing any traffic with SSLStrip. I installed it without any issues but after i turn it on and i connect with my device (iPad) the the PineAP and start surfing, i don't see any traffic. It just says "No connections log..." all the time. I am starting it with the default settings. Any idea what the problem could be? I can't configure the interface for SSLStrip to use. Is it using eth0?
  3. Hi, i am having issues with ettercap. It seems to say it is running but it is not or it is crashing. I am not sure what it is. I am starting it with the command "ettercap -i eth0 -V text". When i connect with my device (iPad) to the PineAP and start browsing, nothing will appear in the log. After some time it will just say "ettercap is not running..." but at the top the button is red and says "Stop". Any idea what is happening? I can post logs if you tell me where to find them. Thanks
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