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  1. I've SSH'd into the pineapple to poke about but the /tmp/pineap.log is blank and no report was created in /sd/wifipineapple_reports. I'm trying to find the MAC address for the probe requests that filled up the SSID pool. If the SSIDS are there is there a hidden log or am I searching in vain? Any help much appreciated !
  2. This looks great - love playing with mana on my nethunter tablet - but I'm not confident enough yet to do the manual install. So out of interest is it going to be difficult to make this a one-click install? How long might that take? Otherwise might have to get confident and give the manual install a crack!
  3. Could any kind fellow explain how I change the country regs on the pineapple wifi cards? Step by step? And I'm desperate for a module that really works well -- is SSLstrip nearing completion? What modules have you had success with? I havent been able to do a decent Evil Portal (a nice link to an HTML script would be much appreciated) same for landing page, DWall goes off and never sees anything anyway and url snarf doesnt seem to work for me? I think I may have my iptables all wrong and currently on br-lan -- what's the default / optimal setting for the best modules you use? Thanks! P.S. I keep hitting that bulletin button --- can someone give me a hint when an update may be coming? I have some crazy issues with SSIDS Ive removed from the pool popping back up when there's no possibility a device is beaconing for them Awooga
  4. As a total new to the Pineapple in general where is the best place to learn how to utilize Evil Portal and PortalAuth -- I see lots of info in the MKV but not sure if thats going to be helpful with using the modules that are specific for the Nano? Is there any guide for the modules specifically for the Nano or should I read and watch the info for the MKV to brush up on how to make portals?
  5. Are you downloading to the SD card? Try using the web GUI
  6. New question! Think I was a bit vague here and I pretty much answered it myself. I did the Linux set-up and could control Pine AP by logging in remotely with my tablet. What I was asking was whether I could get direct access to the tablet with an OTG cable and Nethunter -- so far though it doesn't seem possible. Which leads me to a new question. After having set everything up last night I was accessing the Nano remotely -- then something strange happened. Although I had chosen the BSSIDs for the management tools after the Nano reset the APs were not visible. Instead the Nano created an AP that I was locked out of --- the name is literally "Management" -- and didn't respond to either of the passwords I had entered in the config stage. Has this happened to anyone else? Does it happen often? and is there a default password to get into "Management"? Haven't yet tried but pretty sure I can get back in by connecting to the computer -- but would be annoying If I was out and about with just the tablet and a hotspot to connect as I would be entirely locked out until I connected back to a laptop. Muchly appreciated !
  7. Hello there, Just got my Nano in the post and have a couple of questions regarding the Pineapple Connector App. I was thinking of using the Nano with my tablet (16gb NoWifi or tethering option but with Nethunter 3.0) which I use with an external hotspot. I don't have the option to configure USB tethering to share the internet connection from the tablet so don't *think* there's a way of using the pineapple connector app from Google Play. My question then is whether I should be able to set the Nano up in Linux and then use the Pineapple connector in Nethunter to access it? Thanks!
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