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  1. Thank you Darren... The addition of a second battery fixed it!
  2. Just got my new Tetra. It will not boot on either the Pineapple juice 4000 or the big one that I ordered with the Tetra. I tried both the uart and the eth1 ports. Works just fine with the AC adapter. Of course I did the usual... factory reset... nope. Default firmware... nope. Upgrade back to 2.6.2... nope. Different Y-cable... nope. regular USB3 cable and nope! Endless yellow to flashing blue loop. Any suggestions? Perhaps an RMA?
  3. I am -=Sp00k=- Favorite Game: DCS A-10C Favorite OS: Cisco NX-OS Favorite Console: I don't do consoles. Nationality: American Accent: CA/TN/TX, if you can imagine it. Sex: Male Age: 52 Height: 5'7.5" Build: Skinny, a Buck Forty in weight... Favorite Band: Dream Theater Fav Artist: Steven Wilson Favorite Book: Flight of the Dragonfly Favorite Author: Robert L. Forward Favorite Movie: Pulp Fiction Favorite TV Show: Strike Back Favorite Actor: Matt Damon Favorite Actress: Megan Boone Favorite Comedian: George Carlin Other Hobbies: bass/acoustic guitar, satellite ham radio, drones, scuba Car: Dodge 3500 Quad Cab Dually with a big ass Cummins 6.7L turbo diesel, with a built in Tetra and other assorted electronic accoutrements. Occupation: Sr. Network Engineer for the government. :-)
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