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  1. @SeannScott "Morning coworkers and cock jerkers!"

  2. @WhiteCream01 That's exactly what he said. "thank u." High definition porn. No bullshit. He didn't believe me at first.

  3. #BatesMotel is awesome.

  4. I noticed this too. If I make a custom list, let's say the first line for AP is Hack. Then on the next line I put Facebook. When it broadcasts, devices read it as "Faceboo".
  5. I'm having trouble capturing credentials as well. It does work to an extent but stops after a few minutes. Probably just needs to be tweaked.
  6. My bad. I completely worded that wrong. What I meant was I need 2 USB 2.0 ports to run that setup. Idk how I messed that up, lol
  7. Recon used to kill Client mode for me too. Once I updated my firmware to 1.0.6, it runs like a dream!
  8. Dwall has always worked great for me. Good to hear that there's an update though :)
  9. Deauth always causes me all sorts of problems for some reason. Besides I don't see any use for it when I'm using Recon Mode.
  10. I find this module pretty amusing. There's really no practical use for it. It's just a load of fun!
  11. RT @realDonaldTrump: So great to be in New York. Catching up on many things (remember, I am still running a major business while I campaign…

  12. I thought my setup was good! That's awesome! With my setup I've pulled close to 120 access points at one time. I'd really like to know the range I'm getting. It seems to be about a half of a mile which is awesome.
  13. This is actually how I have my Nano setup. I know it looks ridiculous but it works GREAT! You need to open USB 2.0 ports if you're going to use the 2.4 GHZ pen booster, but it's so worth it in my opinion.
  14. I was having major problems with the Nano until the 1.0.6 update. Now it's absolutely flawless! I use an Alfa AWUS036NEH adapter as the backbone Client mode. It's a lot easier than bridging connections. I heavily modify my Nano so it picks up about 120+ access points from where I'm usually sitting.
  15. I have yet to use the battery. But I figured I might as well get the battery, stealth case and morale patch for an extra $50. I have an OTG adapter for my Nexus 6 so I figured I might as well make good use of it.
  16. Sorry about that last post. I thought I was going crazy. It was so frustrating trying to install it and it would just sit there. Good to know it's not just me.
  17. I'm definitely seeing results with it. I think it will definitely get better. The Nano is definitely picking up speed!
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