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  1. I hate the button with a passion. The only thing about the Pineapple I don't love.
  2. Same with me since latest update. I gave up. I'm sure they'll have the issue fixed in no time as usual
  3. Thanks so much! You just saved me sooo much time!
  4. @TINBand @AmericanPie @FitermanSports @PrimeTimeAppea @CSASHOWS Hahaha nice!

  5. @_sheliiaa You have no future, you dumb bitch!

  6. I just earned the 'Heavy Weight (Level 20)' badge on @untappd! https://t.co/y5zQ7giWBX

  7. I just earned the 'Hopped Up (Level 8)' badge on @untappd! https://t.co/Ks6fiQH8He

  8. @LiveNation @G_Eazy Are you for real?

  9. @FCEKTTobyCurtis I also wouldn't mind seeing a sequel to Wasted ?

  10. @seannwilscott Lol no it's not

  11. @BillForry @bostonpolice It's not a racist blog, you pile of shit! You're garbage! Shut your cock hole if you don't… https://t.co/zLZUVOgXwD

  12. @mymixtapez @JoobaTheMenace Acting like like animals. Typical

  13. @DougBaldwinJr You moron. You weren't saying shit when Obama was was President. Racist pos.

  14. @TINBand @FitermanSports @Cubs Ohhh damn! Best pitcher ever! Chet Stedman taught you well!

  15. @Mac_BZ Thank you for everything you've done! Sitting you Sunday was a huge mistake!

  16. @NancyPelosi SUCK A FART OUTTA MY ASS! #MAGA

  17. @maxkellerman Shut up, you pussy. Go to another glory hole. We know that's what you do on your time off from riding Brady's cock.

  18. @RedstoneLiquors There’s no better bourbon at this price point. I’d buy this stuff by the case if it was available!

  19. @TheDiDiDelgado my 5 year old niece is so much smarter than Egypt. She’s civilized and respects police officers.

  20. @WilliamZabka Watch out for Daniel. He’s sneaky!

  21. I just earned the 'Hoppy Hanukkah (2017)' badge on @untappd! https://t.co/M67XniGwZ3

  22. I just earned the 'Heavy Weight (Level 19)' badge on @untappd! https://t.co/hRZXVB9Dsi

  23. @jbcuster61 @TreWhite16 @RobGronkowski Gronk is a bitch and I can’t wait til the Pats release him. He’s made of gla… https://t.co/LP7bovAYwY

  24. I just earned the 'Land of the Free (Level 31)' badge on @untappd! https://t.co/9TE836ESgI

  25. I just earned the 'Heavy Weight (Level 18)' badge on @untappd! https://t.co/kjN9ww18Ep

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