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  1. @marcusparks https://t.co/sm2gaP1b3P

  2. @zymbit how do you contact your support ? Have 2 of your units fail under apt upgrade. #zymbit

  3. RT @newsycombinator: Cal State will no longer require math and English placement exams https://t.co/R9c5rOwJV8

  4. @MarinaDiamandis https://t.co/uP4aQ3EaEm

  5. Many thanks @Bremont. A speedy resolution is all I ask for a loyal customer. I've passed @Beaverbrooks my details.

  6. @TheTomWood I just assumed it was this: https://t.co/gPSzbfLDaS . Just finished your latest victor adventure, a true joy

  7. Cheers for the feedback, looks like i'll go down the sublime route.
  8. Just curious about what editors/development environment everyone is using to create modules. I'm thinking of using sublime, any other ideas? what packages are people using if so? tao
  9. Thanks for everyone's help, works like dream
  10. many thanks I'll give that a shot over the weekend and update!! tao
  11. Did you manage to get anywhere with this? i'm struggling also cheers
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