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  1. Thank you, Whistle Master. But (once again), 1. The "Start on boot" function does not work on my PA. I have seen another user saying the same. And I have the latest version of everything. 2. The view button does not work on my PA. It has never shown anything. Could it be that the file is too large? 3. Thank you for your explanation. Why does SSLsplit sometimes stop on its own? 4. Thank you for your explanation. Now I understand that it is the data transmitted. 5. When I download a History file for Date (on SSLsplit History) 2016-04-07 13-41-47, a file named output_1460036506.log is downloaded. So what is the correspondence between the file name and the SSLsplit History date? 6. Thank you for your explanation. Seems quite useful. 7. I hope a "Clear Log" function will be available soon. BTW; I am also eagerly waiting for the SSLstrip to be available as a Module. Thanks again. Hope you will follow up. Best, skib
  2. Wishlist for SSLsplit: After having played with this Module for a few hours, I have a wishlist. Maybe someone can help? 1. Have it starting on Boot. 2. Understand what the purpose of the History "View" Button is meant for. Or have it fixed it if it is a bug. (It never seems to work or do anything). (The "Download" Button works however, and transfers the History file to my Android, where I can study it using a Text Viewer app.) (The "Delete" Button also works.) 3. Get a better understanding on how this Module works. (E.g. it sometimes stops by itself. Why? Is it because the current History File is "full"?) 4. Get a better understanding of the data/text that is collected in the History File. 5. Get better names on the History files, which better reflect the Dates shown on the WiFi Pineapple SSLsplit Module page. 6. Understand how to use the "Log Filter"/"Piped Comm". 7. Understand how to Clear the Log (if possible?). There are a few descriptions of this "Modul"e on Internet, but none related to the WiFi Pineapple (as far as I have seen.). Skib
  3. Thank you. Here are a few examples of files which I cannot access (e.g. edit) through the "Cabinet" module: sd/modules/tcpdump/dump/dump_xxxxxx.pcap sd/modules/SSLsplit/log/output_xxxxx.log skib
  4. After having played with my new Nano for some days, it seems to be working - at least to start with - and at least without having started any modules. But after a while (say one hour) it looses connectivity. The registered "clients" then have no WiFi connectivity. I.e. they are no longer connected through the WiFi Pineapple. If I then connect a new Client to the WiFi Pineapple, it is detected and listed as a new "client", but it does not have any WiFi connectivity. The Android App also seem to be an a Beta stage (?) As to modules - I have posted some comments on some of them - NONE of them seem to be working properly. :-( Skib
  5. I have installed the tcpdump on the SD card (on my nano). It - sort of - works - sometimes - but seems unpredictable and unreliable. It does capture "things", but it seems impossible to interpret (as normal frames). The log sometimes does not seem to update. The history sometimes does not seem to update. Sometimes - when I stop a session - suddenly the log updates and indicates that a large number of frames were captured, but there is nothing in the history.
  6. I have installed this app on the SD card. It is very useful. But there are some issues with it. - Some listed directories are inaccessible. When I click/touch on it, NOTHING happens. E.g. I cannot get to some logs directories. - Some files (e.g. some log- and dump-files) cannot be edited. When I try, I get an error message telling me to check if I have the permission to open it, and whether it exists. The files I have tried to open/edit do exist, but I still get this error message. Skib
  7. I have installed SSLstrip on the SD Card. It starts properly, and also seems to collect some data in the log. But I have never been able to see the data afterwards in one of the History logs. Whenever I try to View or Download it, it is always EMPTY. Is there something I have missed? I seem to have the same problem with tcpdump. Even though these Modules seem to be easy to use, I would like to see some detailed manuals for them. Can they be found somewhere?
  8. After having given up yesterday, I'm back again! I installed firmware version 1.0.6 (which I saw was available today), and inserted an SD Card (found the Formatting command under USB in the Advanced Menu), and suddenly most (all?) of my issues were gone !! :-) Thank you, HAK5, for firmware version 1.0.6! I don't know what did the trick (either the new firmware or the SD card), but I suspect that lack of free available memory space caused most of my problems. I also installed a Module (onto the SD card) - the SSLstrip - which seemed to be working OK. Suddenly - now this product is what I hoped it would be! Great Fun.
  9. My Issue no. 3: I cannot set Client PineAP filter entries from MACs from Scan results on the Recon page. They never appear in the Clients window on the Filters page. My Issue no 4: I am unable to redirect a web browser to the Landing Page. On the Landing Page I have written a short sentence to be shown on the connected browser. When I enable the Landing Page, the message "404 Not Found, nginx 1.4.7" is shown on the connected browser. My Issue no. 5 - and counting: After having installed a few Modules, I also have several issues with them. I also tried to uninstall/remove some modules, and to Update some, but NOTHING seemed to work (!) So at this stage I am giving up - for now. I realize that the Nano is far from a finished product, but rather something that requires a lot of debugging and fixing. Debugging would be an exciting task - for those who have time to spare - but I am not one of them. Still - I would like to follow the discussions here, and continue working with the Nano at a later stage - when it has matured a little. (But I must say that I am a little bit SCARED of the low level of things. How can anyone send something like this - obviously as little tested as this - onto the "market"?) I am using a Nano with Firmware version 1.0.5 and the Android WiFiPineapple App. I have a dmesg output - taken after the Pineapple lost connectivity - but I don't know how/where to post/send it. Please advice. Skib
  10. Another issue: My Nano has found 2 clients - two of my smartphones. They are connected through the PA to some web page (via WiFi and/or the phone network), and all works fine. But after some time they all loose connection. On the browsers on my smartphones, I see the error message "no connection", etc. How can I debug this to find where the problem lies? (e,g, using SSH on a PC, connected via WiFi to the AP?) Skib
  11. How to manage the SSID Pool? I am using the Android WiFi Pineapple App, connected to the Nano. There are various issues. One is managing the SSID Pool. When I Remove one SSID, it sais "SSID removed successfully", but the SSID seems to remain in the pool. When I Clear the entire pool, it sais "SSID pool cleared successfully", but it is still there when I "Refresh" it. Saving PineAP settings does not make any difference. What is the problem? Skib
  12. I'm blushing! It is all there - and working perfectly. One just has to scroll horizontally to see the entire lines. May be not a perfect UI, but I should have seen it immediately. (Perhaps and hopefully this WILL help other newcomers having the same problem (?))
  13. Hi. I have just received my Wifi Pinapple Nano, and started trying it out. I have connected it to an Android phone using the WiFi Pinapple App. Last firmware installed: 1.0.5. Most of what I have had time to try so far, works nicely. However, I seem unable to download any Modules. When I click on the "Get Modules from WiFiPineapple.com" (on the "Manage Modules" menu), I see the list of available Modules. But then I am unable to do achieve anything. I have tried to click/tap on a module, but nothing happens. How is this supposed to work? Have I missed something? Skib
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