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  1. Hi, i entered the list of domains as " www.facebook.com facebook.com". It worked before, but not on browsers like chrome,firefox etc. It only worked on the stock web browser of my android phone. Also now i checked it again and it is not working at all. It is not spoofing facebook, however it did spoofed example.com. Please tell me what the issue could be Whistle Master.
  2. Hi, I m new to pentesting. I have got my pineapple nano last month. i have been learning by watching tutorials available on internet since then. Most of the material available is related to the nano's predecessors. And i have found that some of them dont work anymore or i m not being guided appropriately. Modules like SSLsplit, DNSspoof, DNSMasq Spoof, Evil portal etc dont seem to work anymore. Like SSLsplit and DNSMasq dont seem to work in case of https sites. On browsers like chrome, firefox etc. the sites like facebook, gmail, etc. dont even open when i try to dnsspoof, and secondly the data is still encrypted after using sslsplit. Infact we just cant open the site without https. So i needed to know that after the implementation of HSTS, have these modules become completely useless??? or is there some way around using them? P.S. I m a newbie so please guide me thoroughly.. :)
  3. Hi i just installed this module. but it is also not working. I tested for the default example, but nothing happens. P.S. i am a newbie. So u gotta be thorough with me
  4. Hi everyone, I am also new to nano. I have got the same questions. Somebody please answer these queries.
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