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  1. Hi and thxs for the quick reply, Turns out it was just that I was trying to flash it with the wrong bin ! The setup page takes you directly to nano and I forgot to click the tetra tab > Don;t I feel like a n00b lol Pilgrim.
  2. Hello to everyone on this forum, This will be my first post so I apologise in advance if there are some good form rules that I have missed. Here is my issue: I have just received the Tetra and it connects just fine to my Mac (I'm running 10.9.5 but had to install the driver). Once I access get the upgrade page and choose the bin and run it. I figure since I just received the Tetra that it must be flashed with the latest software so I get the page that asks me to wait until I get the follow up screen or refresh and that's where the page auto-refreshes to the upgrade page. Every time. Thats where I'm stuck so please any help/suggestions appreciated. Thank you. Pilgrim.
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