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  1. Hello World, Ive had the Mark V for some time now and finally got around to picking up an external batt for mobile deployments. When I first booted it up I noted that the modules I have installed on the SD card are not displayed in the Web GUI. It shows up in the resources page as being mounted yet none of the modules installed on said card are displayed in the modules drop down menu. The only thing I am assuming is happening is that even though the battery is providing power to the pineapple, it may not be enough power to have the card display the modules? When its plugged into the wall, they show up. That being said the external batt is an Amazon Power Bank (16,100 mAh) which provides 5V output (10 watts). The DC barrel - USB cable I picked up from amazon as well. Any help troubleshooting would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I agree; having only purchased the mark 5 about 8 months ago it would be nice to see a UI update
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