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  1. Long story short... you have to get certs. I'm sorry, it sucks. Long version: I started my career as a computer programmer back in late 1997 with my first professional job. That was during the time when even a fry cook could get hired at $12 an hour after reading "Learn Visual Basic in 21 Seconds." After the .COM bust, and programmers were about as useless as Real Estate Agents were after the housing crash... people got picky. Through most of the 2000s... I would generally toss resumes in the trash when I saw certs on them, because I thought they were a joke. College degrees is where it was at... and that's what we focused on. But... over the years, particularly in the past 7-8 years, certs have become very important. Whether they are actually an indication of skill, or not... most companies require you to have them as a condition of employment. Most HR people don't have a clue what any of that means, but they just know that you need them. Especially with most application systems, they do text searches and without certain key terms showing up, your resume will never even get looked at by a real human. I understand what Barry above is trying to say, but unless you are already established in your industry and have contacts, then no one really knows what you're capable of, and / or cares. Regardless, many companies now demand you get certs, even if you know more than everyone. My company required me to get any number of certs, so I was like... ok, I'll just get the CISSP so you'll shut up. But... the economy is on fire again, and none of that really matters if you're just looking to get your foot in the door. But, I'd not have let the Security+ lapse...
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