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  1. Doesn't seem to be working for me...


    seems to be working when I pull up the pineapple page via my pc. from my android phone when I press the start button i just get the pineapple logo forever.

    (Tetra itself seems too be very unstable... makes me think i should have just got a nano.)

  2. I seem to have narrowed down the issue. I have the same setup as pictured above. I performed factory reset and it was solid for 20 minutes so I then slowing started configuring it one setting at a time. As soon as I enable PineAP - Beacon Response, the pineapple will not go longer than 5-6 minutes before rebooting, sometimes as little as 2 minutes. If I manage to disable Beacon response the pineapple goes back to functioning like it should.

    P.S. when powered by the A/C adapter provided with my tactical kit the pineapple does not suffer these same reboots like it does when running off the two batteries.

  3. If you are in range of a nintendo 3ds yo will see this. in a place with 7 nintendo 3Ds's and a SplillPass pi setup I quickly got around 250 crazy SSID's in my pool. I had it set to rebroadcast and it was then rebroadcasting all these crazy SSID's.

    This is with 7 Nintendo 3Ds's... They spit out these strings looking for other nintendo 3Ds's for what they call street pass's. It lets you know when you have come in range of other persons 3Ds and lets you see their Mii character. it seems to be blassting out the Mii characters file.
    Maybe you came in contact with someone passing by with a 3Ds and thats what you're seeing.
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