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  1. oh wow thanks! Found this searching ASCII_9 http://ascii.cl/.I've realized the code actually does compile is just removes the tabs. That helped me find out that i need to remove the "c:\\" portion of the code and it works just fine.
  2. Just got the ducky in the mail today. decided to make it create a batch file and run it afterwords. problem is the encoder will not work. The error i get through the cmd promt is "Char not found:ASCII_9" repeating multiple times and then it finally completes. As you can see that doesn't help much so i decided to take my script to the duck toolkit and test my luck. As you will see in the upcoming screen shot i still do not know whats going on. I've Managed to narrow the error down to line 17. if I REM that line the compilation is successful. why is this @symbol throwing everything off?
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