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  1. Hi Sir,

    i would like you help about one message status on hashcat.

    when i try to run a bruteforce attack, the status is always 'Exhausted", i don't know why.

    * my handshake is good

    * all the others functions of crack works fine (wordlist, hybrid, combination)

    I also do some research, but the explanation is not very clear about that.




    1. Just_a_User


      Exhausted means all password combinations you provided have been tried

      what is the command you type?

    2. aka


      OK, but, it's little weird,  i used bruteforce attack (?l?u?d with mask in increment mode with length 10 max  ?1 or ?d or ?u)

      or  ?a, also combine with mask length 10 max.

      i try bruteforce attack, because i would like to make a point with my theories. Meaning i have few information on WiFi, only the handshake then try a bruteforce attack with combination (alphanumeric+ character).

      So if you have a good configuration using bruteforce attack, please let me know.

      cmd ex.PNG

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