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  1. Hey! Thanks for reminding me about this thread As an update, I had no option but to drop this project, due to lack of time. The repo have been pulled from GitHub (well, made private) and I still have the code as it was, in case someone else wants to continue it or take it as inspiration. As for your script, I think you'd be better off putting it in a separate thread for maximum views, so people can follow it's development and use it :)
  2. Oh hey, not bad for "having limited programming knowledge"! haha I sure will be taking a look at your code for inspiration, though I don't have that much time right now (college ftw), but still coding. You are more than welcome to contribute in any way if you feel like it! A note thought, mine aims to be bigger, more like a fully featured console IDE with remote repositories :p PS: I'm guessing you are okay with me having this project
  3. Took me a while, but Dev 1 is out :) The official repository is public now: DuckyManager Keep in mind is just a dev, not even documentation is out! But if you want to keep track of everything, the repo is the way to go. I'll update this post only on major updates, to keep it clean. Have a nice day! PD: Yup, can't edit yet. I guess i'll take care of it when i'm able to
  4. Copy-pasted from markdown file, and can't edit.. Hur-durr, my bad. It's still readable at least :)
  5. Dev 1.0 is almost out! Since apparently I can't edit my original post, I'll just write here the current roadmap, and from now on just post updates of it, not the whole thing again. ROADMAP Dev 1 New Functionalities[100%] Local script managing:[100%] Automatic script inclusion (parsing folder) [100%] Script searching (by Title, Operating System, Creator and Description) [100%] Script properties editing (title, OS, creator and description) [100%] Automatic logging file for bug reports and troubleshooting, also translate-able. Graphical[33%] Basic command line interface (ncurses style) for all functionalities Other[0%] Code posted on GitHub Dev 2 New FunctionalitiesRemote script managing:Search through remote scripts as they were local Download scripts on command OtherOfficial repository up and running, automatically included to be used Dev 3 New FunctionalitiesUsers can now create their own repositories, which others can add and use. Users can upload / delete / modify scripts from their repositories, from within the app Dev 4 New FunctionalitiesUsers now can request for their scripts to be added onto the official repository (from within the app). Alpha OtherUser and contributors documentation added. Beta New functionalitiesNew languages automatic adding and updating system Update checking for the program OtherFix of bugs from Alpha Future utilities ( in expected order )Script setup helper (auto-fill variables in the script) Embedded script editor Automatic encoding and deploying system (for any keymap) Firmware repositories and automated flashing Note that "Dev" versions will not be meant to be used, as not even the documentation will be out. But if anyone wants to play around with it.. testing will be appreciated. First code publishing will be at the end of Dev1 :) As always, any comment on it or possible addition is welcomed.
  6. Of course. This is intended to make everything simplier for the users of the Ducky, not to obfuscate the scripting process from them. That's why I plan on making sharing a script to the community as simple as editing a config file once, then just code and press a button. I want people to contribute, not just leech :) Thanks! Working on it, though I'm having a busy weekend, but will update the main post with each step forward.
  7. Well, hello there! A brief introduction I just reciently got my hands on the Ducky, and still learning to use it, but I can already see the potential of it. Looking for examples I stumbled upon the wiki list that had some examples, and some "easy scripts generators", which was really nice. But i got myself thinking: Where are all the contributions? I mean, if this product has been out for some time, there sure must be a long list of community-made scripts avaliable, right? Surprisingly, I didn't found much. Which led me to start creating what I now present here as a Work-In-Progress project, hoping to hear the community's response to it. The idea A CLI which will serve as a manager to both, your local scripts and the community ones. It will keep track of all your scripts, allowing you to sort them by the target OS -even by version of OS-, by name or by description, making it really easy to store dozens of scripts without losing your mind. It will also keep track of community-sourced scripts, allowing you to browse them without even having them on your system, only downloading them when you decide to use them. You could search through thousands of scripts as easily as it is searching the local ones: By user, by OS, by effects... How? Community repositories ,ala Linux... but on GitHub! Any user could upload their own scripts to the repositories - from inside the manager! -, making them avaliable for anyone to use. All scripts would be managed through a list of github repositories, which the program would automatically parse and update the local data for. Any user could have their own repository, which any user could source from; but of course, there would be an official repository (or several) from which the program would get it's sources by default. For bonus points, the Manager will - hopefully- also have: Quick configuration of scripts: The manager will automatically let you edit the required parameters before encoding them. So, scripts that require a host to connect to, ports, emails, etc. will be easier and faster to use. Automatic encode and loading: Encode any script and load them onto your SD card from inside the manager, with any avaliable keymap. Multi-language: Designed to be translated, all strings used by the program is inside an easily editable file, for each language. Anyone could translate it to any language in less than a day. Ducky flashing: Repositories also contain firmware for the ducky. Flash from inside the manager with any of them, without having to ever store them. Also, save a backup of your old firmware automatically. Because safety always comes first. Integrated editor: Why have a program to manage your scripts and another to create them? Just code from inside the manager. With syntax recognition incorporated, of course! - not that the language is difficult anyways -. Curent state I have just started coding this today, in Golang. It's already capable of managing hundreds of local scripts with no problem, so I'm pretty certain I'll have a Beta to publish for testing in not that much time - though I can't spend the day on it! -. Of course the first version wont have all the planned features, but they will come, if the community wants it. So that's it, basically. I'm here looking for thoughts and comments about it, so please feel free to express yourself about this idea! I will update this post as I get things done - assuming you guys want it, of course. - (Code is not publicly avaliable yet, will make it public with the first Alpha/Beta)
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