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  1. Same here, but with SSLsplit I feel that every time a new module comes out, the repository breaks somehow.
  2. after reinstalling the module, i now realize that was the intended place for it to be, but mine somehow wasent placed there. Still somewhat of a one time bug.
  3. Found a bug you might be interested in. The index.php that makes the rolls is placed in the wrong place on the pineapple for me. It was originally located, /sd/modules/RandomRoll/assets/wwwthis caused nothing to happen when browsing, however when using the cabinet module and moving the index.php to /www at the root of the pineapple, this fixes everything. I have no idea if this is just me or not, but thought i should say something about it.
  4. My nano keeps locking up during the download. Ive tried a tether, and direct connection to a computer and it still locks up. Im running a 32 gb, 10 class sd card so that hopefully isnt the problem.
  5. Im having the exact same problem (instalation for dependencies is stuck) and pinging returns packets, and im able to retrive bulletins from the dashboard.
  6. This actually works, i cut out the clientmac part to deauth the whole network. I use my pineapple from an ipad, so I assume i will have to install a ssh app to send the deauth in order for people to join my pineap?
  7. Im now having trouble just getting my devices to deauth. Incase its needed, my router is a Netgear ac3200
  8. I just got my nano no more than a day ago and im having quite some trouble getting any users to connect to my PineAp's. My main problem getting deauthed clients to connect to my network, Ive tried using the deauth command from the recon section and the separate deauth infusion and have had no luck. Even with my pineapple next to my ipad, it still favors my router 5 walls away. My ipad, android phone and kali laptop all stayed on the network. Also, every now and then I get ssids into my pool, but no clients with them. Ive managed to get 8 ssids in my pool from wifi networks in my area, and no clients on the actual pineapple. Here are the logs of pine ap when I deauth my router Timestamp Event MAC SSID Feb 18 19:55:04 Probe Request 40:f0:2f:42:59:87 GNRrouter Feb 18 19:56:45 Probe Request f8:95:c7:fd:70:17 NETGEAR52 Feb 18 19:56:45 Probe Request f8:95:c7:fd:70:17 NETGEAR50-5G-1 Feb 18 19:56:45 Probe Request f8:95:c7:fd:70:17 NETGEAR50 Feb 18 19:56:45 Probe Request f8:95:c7:fd:70:17 Gateway502 Feb 18 19:56:57 Probe Request c8:f6:50:89:8f:f3 Gateway502 Feb 18 19:57:07 Probe Request c8:f6:50:89:8f:f3 NETGEAR50 Feb 18 19:57:41 Probe Request bc:f5:ac:e2:c1:bb OMGWTFBBQ After that, all the devices just get right back on the router
  9. As far as i can tell, it has active support which i guess is supposed to raise its reliability. However, ive had similar results trying to mitm on my home network too. It properly sniffs all http-https connections, but fails to strip them and constantly drops my 'clients'. However i believe the last problem is my wireless cards fault.
  10. Been toying around with this for a while, cant get it to ssl strip any connections I give it. I hope someone makes a tut of some kind on how to just use the thing
  11. Now all i need to do is find a tut on installing bettercap on to my pineapple-nano, then maybe portable mitm will actually be easy again
  12. Thanks, From knowledge ive gathered, all passwords for the portal I plan to clone are all 6 chars long, and are a mix of random numbers and letters. (users are a mix of the persons first and last name so brute forcing isnt an option) Im sure its possible to put some extra java in there that keeps them on the page if the password entered isnt exactly 6 chars long. That will hopefully prevent any wrong passwords being entered, or ITs attempting to inspect the portal by entering random info.
  13. This is a very interesting infusion and im looking forward to its first stable version. Just wanted to confirm something; Is it possible or at least planed to use this infusion to clone and harvest unique password/username based portals? I saw your demonstration from the pineapple 5 where you cloned a Starbucks portal that would require a user to get a password from a downloaded exe. My question is, could you clone something along the line of an offices's internet filter or a collage university portal. A portal that everyone has their own username and password to. And gather their username/password then push them to the web. The portal would have to look exactly like the original with just the 2 text boxes, without any popups as not to raise any red flags from IT admins who might get pulled onto the network by pineAP. (that would be a red flag in itself) Example: <spoiler> <--- i have no idea how these work </spoiler>
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