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  1. I believe he meant Add wlan2's MAC to the Deny filter, as I did, to fix it. Mine would switch from whatever real access point it was connected to back over to the Nano as soon as I started broadcasting SSID's.
  2. Found a possible workaround... I set the PIneAP to Autostart on boot. For whatever reason, I am now collecting and broadcasting SSID's! I verified by setting it back to Disable for the autostart and the problem returned...
  3. Same issue for me. SSID list never grows. I can see SSID's in Recon but nothing in PineAP SSID window nor any Dashboard stats. Default back to shipping firmware then back to 2.4.1 Filters are set to deny. Checked permissions on the /etc/pineapple and look good and even tried changing to a different pool location. Still nada.
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