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  1. Ok when i create the new Payload i forgot to put the Target.pfx as an embedded resource, i changed that and now the Payload runs without problems. I sorry for my noob mistakes but i am happy for your help thanks. When i run the working Payload on a target machine in this case a virtual machine with w7 x32 that is connected to the wifi pineapple network, i start Sein and nothing happens. So i saw your video again and see that your target ip address is 192.168.1.X so i connect the w7 virtual machine to my home network (where i have the tetra connected via ethernet) and the module works very well. I am confused about this. Why the target is not recognised by Sein when is connected to the pineapple network?
  2. Yes it is correct the pineapple share the internet by default to the connected clients. You can check that your pineapple has internet access by loading bulletins on the Dashboard section.
  3. Do you have your pineapple connected to a network? If you have installed the Evil Portal 1.0 module be sure that is not selected start on boot or upgrade to 2.0. Too be sure that Landing Page is Disabled on Configuration section. I would like too there exist a document, video or something like that for explain how to use some modules because isn't available for all of them. But for now only exist the User Manual you can find here https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/37794-wifi-pineapple-generation-6-user-manual-draft/
  4. I created a new "Payload" (with capital p) now the namespace is equal with the reference keys but still with the same issue.
  5. Ok I'll try it and comment the results. Thanks for your help.
  6. Yes stops in the target computer. I pressed the debug button of windows and get redirected to visual studio and shows this.
  7. Hi sud0nick! your module seems amazing!! but i have some problems: I follow all your instructions of the video to create the payload but when i execute it says "payload has stopped working" i tried in w10 x64 and a virtual machine with w7 ultimate x32 with the tetra 1.0.2. I used settings by default in the module and create the certificates with the Papers module. Created not encrypted keys for Kuro. And used Export keys to PKCS#12 container for Target. Please help me.
  8. i don't know very well in vmware but sometimes i use kali 2.0 in virtualbox and i had to install an extension pack for use my usb ports with 2.0/3.0 driver because per default it uses in 1.0 driver. I learn this when i wanted to connect an external wifi card and kali show the interface but when i scan for networks not show nothing. so be shure you have installed all drivers or extra packs you need and these be configured appropriately. also you can try to disable any other network interface from the VM and let only the usb of the tetra and press connect in the network manager just to see what happen if this give an ip. or try in VirtualBox i had no problem using it.
  9. Thanks for your answer zoro25 . Sometimes i use a wifi card as wlan2 and connect to my home network for give internet access to my tetra. I tried to use wlan2 as interface with this module but no have any log for this reason i asked.
  10. Please somebody can explain me which interface i should use with this module. And this module only can be used in AP mode? or can be used with the wifi pineapple in mode client and get the urls from the network connected?
  11. It depends of the situation: if you want only your network cards can connect you should add your mac addresses to allow filter. in case you want any another network card, except your cards connect you should add your mac addresses to deny filter. you can choose the mode of the filter (allow, deny) by clicking the switch button.
  12. hello! I have been playing with the PineAP and i have a question. Is it possible that in the future add the feature that when you add an ssid to the pool from the recon tab or capture one you could write the password and choose the type of security for broadcast? All this in case to see or capture a familiar ssid and you know the password for these and not be limited only to an open ssid.
  13. ok thanks for your answer Foxtrot .I will wait for the email with the tracking number of the shipment.
  14. @Darren When you say the "smaller PSU" do you refer to this one?
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