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  1. Thanks dustbyter for sharing. This pineapple wifi is new to me, will continue to try and play with it.
  2. Hi dustbyter, I connect the nano to my Kali machine using the USB Y cable. Is that consider client mode? Sorry I am not sure what client mode means. The first recon scan always work. After enabling the pineap, I can see client connected. The issue only happened after I tried to do more recon scan. At the point where it happened, the scan showed 100% but no result is shown. At the dashboard there is no data as well, meaning the uptime, client connect and etc.. did not have any value. Tried to run the command after it happened and it shows nothing as well, got to ctl c to escape.
  3. Just got my pineapple nano and facing similar issue. Performing recon scan and the whole thing seems 'dead'. Got to unplug and plug back the device in order to use again. Any work around for this issue?
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