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  1. From the horse's mouth: Click below A post from Darren Kitchen on how to Restore the BashBunny
  2. Hmmm, I have been using the BashBunny on Windows 10 on my work laptop, wher it was not so happy. Brought it home and setup my personal Win10 laptop and all works perfect Maybe some Group Policy was fighting me. So thanks for the help, all is good
  3. Anyone get this going on Windows 10? I can setup my Windows 7 laptop the same as the Windows 10 PC, Connection refused when I SSH from the 10 to the BashBunny. & no out to the Internet Same Bunny & Setup on Windows 7, no problem SSH in or Apt-get out. I figure its Windows 10 Firewall but I turned off the firewall and still no joy
  4. Ok, Followed the directions exactly. the is the address of your PC & Gateway is the address of the BashBunny. I then moved it to a Windows 7 PC and NOW all is working, PINGs & DNS are working. apt-get works
  5. I followed the Ethernet sharing instructions but Instead of configuring an IP of "" to the IP4. I just checked "Obtain an IP address automatically" I downloaded NetPing http://netping.codeplex.com/downloads/get/11024 and had it scan to it found --> BashBunny --> my Windows 10 PC Only took me about 3 hours to find this simple solution I can now SSH to the BashBunny
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