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  1. RT @ohhcami_: when my man feels like the whole world is against him, i’m right there beside him

  2. RT @LFC: Thanks for the amazing support at the Etihad and from around the world tonight. #YNWA ?? https://t.co/CfUDK7gAqI

  3. RT @IkechuQwu: In 1962, Russian surgeon Leonid Rogozov had acute appendicitis. He needed an operation, as the only doctor on the team plus…

  4. RT @Adedotvn: I’m leaving Enugu this morning! What I saw yesterday was a country with more youthful problem than we can imagine! Yesterda…

  5. @raphviks @5thDaviDs ?

  6. RT @xogpnxl: Visual representation of y’all flirting on the TL knowing y’all never gone meet https://t.co/2MZZAGZiWz

  7. @Make_U_Swear @SuperSanch95 @BabyIvo Slide in ??

  8. RT @RovielOfficial: Courtois opens legs faster than messi wife ??? #BARCHE https://t.co/E5J57FjqH1

  9. RT @EngrFrosh: What is boredom when there is browsing Data, Twitter App and ? on my phone? https://t.co/AfmBheUcas

  10. RT @brfootball: What humans see vs. what Messi sees. https://t.co/syLYAgJLww

  11. RT @Funny_Truth: Pineapple juice is 5 times more effective than cough syrup. It also prevents colds and the flu.

  12. RT @thepoetryporn: https://t.co/Ru2iG8SP1w

  13. RT @mbatshuayi: F*** MEEEEE ???? come on !!!

  14. RT @rabiasquared: Hello 911? I'd like to report an emotionally disturbed young man with behavioral issues who owns an entire arsenal of sem…

  15. RT @finnadking1: ??????? now de wan form committee https://t.co/a1D4xUBF8A

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