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  1. Tested it on my unit. Works a treat. Thanks for the great work Whistle Master.
  2. Great module Whistle Master. The drop down menu to clear the blacklist does not appear to be working. Tried this on my phone and laptop. I can SSH to the pineapple and clear the blacklist manually.
  3. I've noticed its really quick to re-install. But just a bit annoying that it removes straight away. Maybe I need slimmer thumbs and new glasses ;)
  4. Just thought this might be worthy for a future consideration for modules in the web interface When using a module on a mobile device it is really easy to click on the green installed dependencies button. This instantly removes the dependencies without any prompt. Some of the module buttons and dropdown boxes sit right under this button. Once incorrect press and all the dependencies are removed. Just thinking for a future consideration to prompt users if they wish to remove these?
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