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  1. Hi, I've been trying to upload a .vbs file to a remote machine in a meterpreter session without success. This problem also occurs with .exe files so it's not the .vbs file type not being supported. I've tried this: upload root/Desktop/program.vbs c:\\Users\\i7479\\Desktop This returns: [-] Error running command upload: Errno:ENOENT No such file or directory @ rb__file_s__stat - root/Desktop/program.vbs The paths for these files are both correct, it just can't find the program to be uploaded... Does anyone know how to carry this out? Should such a basic comman
  2. Thanks a million mate, tab completion didn't solve the issue, but using backslashes did. For example: cd \Windows\ Defender Cheers!
  3. Hey guys, I recently came across an error or "glitch" which involves the browsing in a remote machine's files in meterpreter shell. I noticed that with files that have a space or many spaces in their name cannot be opened. The meterpreter shell returns the following error: [-] stdapi_fs_chdir: Operation failed: The system cannot find the file specified. This is especially annoying as one cannot access obvious locations such as Program Files since there is a space. I have tried using an underscore instead or just omitting the space, with no luck. What do you guys think? Cheers.
  4. Hi This may seem like quite a weird question. I came across this video on YouTube where this Dutch guy was apparently hacking stuff such as a train station large display, or a bridge, or sending mass SMSs using "cellbroadcasting". At first it seemed very difficult to believe but after a while I noticed that it may very well be possible since he works with some IT company and ther is a legit interview with him. The comments section is mixed however, and I am attaching a link to the video so you can see for yourself. Cheers, Adam
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