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  1. Hi, Do you have any news about this bug please ? Without reliable SD support the Nano is useless to me... Thanks
  2. Same problem here (and more generally I believe any I/O to/from the SD randomly triggers such faults). Very interested to know if there is a fix.
  3. Hi, I don't know how to debug this, it looks like a hardware problem, but might also be a software I/O issue, so... In short, it seems that my Nano (version 1.0.5 -- but it also happened with previous firmwares) randomly fails to read blocks from the SD. To verify this, I have launched fsck three times in a row (without fixing the errors, just to see what it detects) : everytime, it detects bad blocks, but never at the same place. Also, writing big files (> 50 mb) at once almost always triggers FS corruption, so my guess is, random I/O errors are responsible for this. Also from dmesg, I
  4. Perl doesn't seem to be available through opkg : root@Pineapple:~# opkg install perl Unknown package 'perl'. Collected errors: * opkg_install_cmd: Cannot install package perl. Doesn't show up in "opkg list" either. So I was wondering if there is a manual way to download the package that is distributed for the standard Pineapple ?
  5. Hi, Is there a way to install Perl on the nano ? I have searched for a Perl distro that works on such hardware but couldn't find any. Is it possible to download the Perl package from the standard pineapple ? Regards Badi
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