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  1. The network uses a VOIP system, it leases a server from ONSIP.
  2. Does anyone know of a sip client such as sipcmd [http://sipcmd.sourceforge.net/]for windows? I need to be able to dial the extension for a PA system and play an audio file, from the windows command line. Thanks in advance.
  3. Well, I'll edit the script this week and test it out.
  4. Do you think I could use [REG add HKCU\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\System /v DisableCMD /t REG_DWORD /d 0 /f] to edit the registry from powershell even though REGEDIT is disabled?
  5. Powershell is enabled, when I try [powershell Start-Process cmd -Verb runAs], it opens the cmd prompt and says it's disabled by group policy. Can I use powershell to edit the registry and allow cmd prompt?
  6. I adapted several other reverse shells into this script, which disables windows defender, runs with startup, and will attempt to reconnect every five minutes if the connection is lost. However, (in this hypothetical situation) the script can't run on the target pc because, even though it has admin privileges, both cmd prompt and regedit are disabled by group policy. My question is, how do I enable cmd prompt without editing the registry, or is there no way around it?
  7. No, you would create the reverse shell on the target machine and point it to your server. Install netcat on the server and use [nc -l -p yourPortNumber] to receive the reverse shell.
  8. For number six, while I seriously doubt that was completely legal, the chances of the neighbour being smart enough to figure out that "your friend" did anything are so small that it doesn't matter. In other words, as long as you don't get caught and no one gets hurt, it's ok. As for everything else, as far as I understand it, monitoring a network that you don't own is illegal. However, I could definitely be wrong about that, and it would be interesting to find the legal loopholes. Good luck in your search for a legal grey area, keep us updated.
  9. To anyone else that had this problem: your first payload should be named inject.bin, and will execute normally, only when no special keys are activated the second is named inject2.bin and executes with NUMLOCK the third is named inject3.bin and executes with CAPSLOCK hope it helps
  10. I just flashed my duck with the Mulit Duck firmware (m_duck_v2.hex). I encoded two simple scripts and placed them in the root of the sd card. One is just a delay and is named inject.bin, the other is named inject1.bin, it opens notepad and types "payload two executed." When I turn on num lock and insert the duck, it blinks green, then red, then green, and turns off, without executing the second script. I tried using caps lock, then scroll lock, then I used different scripts, and found out that is is executing the first script, but not the second. I've messed with this for a while, any help would be great.
  11. My goal is to drop the turtle on a network, remotely dial the extension for the PA system, and play an audio file.
  12. I was wondering if there is a VOIP module for the Lan Turtle, I've done some research and haven't found one, but maybe I just missed it. If there isn't already a module for VOIP, how difficult would it be to create one, or would it be impossible all together? Thanks.
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