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  1. How to hak?

    Also, if it doesn't start right away, you can blow (on) it:
  2. How to hak?

    caffeine helps
  3. Hardware specs

    np. got mine at the event last night.
  4. Hardware specs

    I tried, and it threw a usage error. Worked fine on a rpi, but couldn't get it to run on the squirrel. Dunno what about the syntax is wrong for this device. https://pastebin.com/PPF4k3pA
  5. Hardware specs

    That makes sense.
  6. Hardware specs

    Well considering you need to power it with micro usb, I doubt if it supports PoE at all.
  7. Hardware specs

    Here's what mine says: https://pastebin.com/a6qGF5mg
  8. What is the packet squirrel?

    I got you fam. Preshow: The main event: I was there. It was dope.
  9. What is the packet squirrel?

    Who's going tonight? How long will the line be? Open Bar Dude!
  10. What is the packet squirrel?

    Nifty. I'm a dev and don't pretend to understand that, but it kinda sounds like a password verification function. Compare guess against source of truth, and if they are the same; you're in. I worked for some bioinfomatic scientists years ago and made some user interfaces for their papers... just checked they aren't up anymore. :/ Interesting stuff though. Keep up the good work sir. Oh yea... Packet Squirrel stuff.
  11. What is the packet squirrel?

    I think i know the password... but I don't think they are ready/setup yet. View source on https://packetsquirrel.com
  12. What is the packet squirrel?

    $40-50 for the packet squirrel? What about the other two? How much to get all three?