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  1. I've spent quite some hours getting deeper into the Mark V but some points are just not clear for me. I was hoping somebody knows more about the issues because the are not well documentated and info is hard to find. Let me explain you my setup, I use the Pineapple for 2 purposes : 1) PineAP to spoof SSID and get clients 2) In my LAN as DHCP and GATEWAY so that I'm able to see what's going on. I turned off my router DHCP and now the DHCP from the Mark V sets hisself as gateway and DNS Server. The Pineapple uses on his turn the router which has the DHCP disabled as gateway for the internet connection. All is working ok, clients connected trough WIFI (method 1) and have internet I'm able to see the tcpdumps and urlsnarf the traffic. When I want to urlsnarf my own LAN nothing is getting displayed. All clients on the LAN have an ip distributed by the Mark V and use it as a gateway and dnsserver. The tcpdump and dnsspoof is working fine for the LAN clients, only the dsniff tool libary not (urlsnarf, dnsiff etc..) Does anyone has an idea ? Because everything seems to be setup properply and all is working except this part for the LAN clients. The tcpdump, dnsspoof etc is working ok for both methods. Also the urlsnarf says something like : urlsnarf: listening on eth0 [tcp port 80 or port 8080 or port 3128] However when I read the documents its says it binds globally to a network interface and not a port. When I try to telnet to one of these ports, its refused. I also tried all other interfaces, so thats also not the problem. Any help would be appriciated..
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