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  1. 48 minutes ago, Zylla said:

    Yeah i'm still rocking the Tetra/Nano 😢
    Haven't been able to get the latest Pineapple(s) due to some financial issues this last year.😕
    I would love to have one though, and to keep packages such as Bettercap up-to-date for it as well! ❤️

    Perhaps Hak5 would like to sponsor me with one? 🙊

    Psst @Darren Kitchen

    I don't know if there there's chance.

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  2. 2 hours ago, Question about Phone and Computer said:

    I'm a victim of computer RF signal theft. These people take my output signal frequency off my phone and computer which has no phone or internet service ....dead phone and computer.They can see everything i can see on my screen. Like a TV antenna receiving TV reception and showing on the screen. How do they do this???  I do not indeed on doing this to others, just stopping this from happening to me.

    Go see a Doctor. You need to get some help..


    or just really bad troll.

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  3. 21 hours ago, L3N1 said:

    "My apologies for the delay. We're very close on Cloud C2 v3.0, which we expected to be releasing today, however we are still in the QA phase and making UI tweaks which have postponed the launch. We are shooting for October 5th. It's going to be an exciting release with some really cool new features so I'm really grateful for your patience as we put the final touches on this release."

    Here we are: October 5th. Today I plan to test the interaction between MK7 and Cloud C2. I don't know about you guys, but this is a commercial product and C2 is an important resource for doing the pen test. I am not satisfied with this way of doing things. I don't think I need to enter a forum to find out when version C2 will come out.

    First of all, when I bought the Mark7, I didn't see any information that MK7 doesn't work with C2 2.2. I, like others, have tried to connect MK7 to C2 and after failing, we find out, on this forum, that MK7 will use another version. When? September 29 - the day after the promised release. And now, here we are, waiting for another post as there is no official information on the Mark7 or C2 page.

    Hak5 is no longer a garage store like in the beginning and this lack of organization is not acceptable to me. I live in Italy and here the day is almost finished (+6 hours).

    I will have time to update on Friday and until then I hope I don't have to hear more excuses and delays.

    I am very disappointed with this lack of planning and organization. Is not professional. 

    Calm down mate!! it's not Microsoft or Apple. It's a small business that has staff who are around the world.


    Think of it as bonus that you have it.

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