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  1. I have. Just follow the manual upgrade for Pineapple.
  2. It's bug with the ntfs and VFAT formatted USB storage. I had to sftp over the update file and do the pineapple manual firmware upgrade.
  3. The documentation page is now available.
  4. Did you look at the documentation page? At https://docs.hak5.org/hc/en-us/categories/360002117953-Signal-Owl
  5. Jtyle6

    Owl Arming

    It's a bit different to do it. More information is Here.
  6. Oh boy that was fun. Trying to get working the update working. I had to manual upgrade for the Pineapple.
  7. Wrong device mate. This for Signal Owl. You need look here.
  8. Here you go. Manual Firmware Installation. Hak5 documentation.
  9. There's easyer way to do it. Just cat VERSION In /.
  10. You can use Ras-pi with pineapple. That's more realm of an Sdr. But I have seen an module for the hackRf in software. Nfc is different story.
  11. Did you follow the instructions on this Page?
  12. Do not unpack the update, Just copy it to the root folder of the bunny and safe eject. Then remove it and plug it back in.
  13. I think you can't be able to do it. On the platform.
  14. Hey, I'm not happy with the new firmware either. But can you plug the tetra into a wall outlet and see what it does. Secondary. Most of the staff members where at Defcon last week.
  15. The documentation is Here. And for rest of hak5 products are Here.
  16. You need to recopy over the device.config to packet squirrel every time you upgrade the firmware.
  17. I'm a little bit confused about what you asking for?
  18. We'll, we have to wait for the talk at defcon wireless village. Update: Well here It is.
  19. It would be in the documentation site. But it has not been updated with the new products yet.
  20. Jtyle6


    Leave it. Plus you can delete your own thread.
  21. This is for the tetra not the Nano..
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