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  1. Even better, it could be published on a digital platform, like Amazon Kindle. This would cut the costs for everyone.
  2. I think I have nailed it up. The cause is simple: I have been an absolute newbie. :( At my (partial) excuse, I can say that the fact that a manual is totally missing does not help. For every other noob that - as me - would in the future incur in a similar issue, I say that the issue was due to the fact that the Tetra has the following startup cicle: - Amber and Blue led on. - All leds off. - Blue led starts blinking. - Blue led is stable. Now it works. I simply didn't know that. :( Darren, please add a simple one pager with the basics. A scenario based with three or four common scenarios would be great, like you are doing with the first activation. It should be online, also, and you should grow it adding new scenarios over time. This would greatly simplify the user experience.
  3. It seems I have found a feasible combination, after all: the two PA Juice 15000 batteries must be connected to the Micro USB ports. The important part here is that it just seem not to work when I connect the cables to the 2.1A output ports on the Juice batteries. Infact, when I do that both the orange and blue leds are ligthen up for some seconds, and after that the device simply seem to turn itself off. I wonder now how would I be able to supply enough power while on the road, considering that the required power is up to 18Wh and that this configuration is able to deliver only 10Wh. By the way, it seem that this is the reason why my RavPower battery is not working: it has two ports, one able to deliver 2.1A and the other 2.4A, so it seem to be too powerful.
  4. I seem to be unable to access the Tetra Management console by wireless alone. I have also the Nano and I have had no issue at all with it, so it should not be a configuration issue: I should know how to do that, given the similarity of the two devices. What is the correct combination of the different power options? I have the two Pineapple Juice 15000 and I could also use a RavPower battery pack (http://www.amazon.com/RAVPower-16000mAh-External-Technology-Lightning/dp/B012ZX122Y/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1455441817&sr=8-1&keywords=ravpower+deluxe+rp-pb19), but my attempts have been unsuccessful so far. Do you have a guaranteed receipt I could try? Thank you!
  5. Thank you. I am struggling right now with the different power options, because I am trying to power the Tetra by using batteries alone (the two PA Juice, for instance) without connecting it to my PC, but using the Wireless Management AP. I keep getting funny combinations of the leds and I seem not to be able to connect to the Tetra. As I said, the only functioning combination seem to involve using the split USB cable connected to the PC and to a battery. One of those combinations is Yellow and Blue leds on, while eth0 is not really engaged. I suspect that this is a diagnostic message of some sort. Do you happen to know what does it mean? A complete list of those diagnostic messages would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Hi, I have just received the Tetra. Thank you! I have noticed that there are three leds, but I have been able to understand only the central blue one so far. Could you possibly provide a guidance of their meaning? Thank you, Simone
  7. I feel guilty for asking but the last update is quite old. Do you have any news, Darren?
  8. Mark V is not produced anymore due to the unavailability of one of the core components: the manufacturer does not produce it anymore.
  9. What about giving some non-consequential information about the internal systems of the customer, masking the IP Addresses and other sensible information? The point is to demonstrate that you know something you should not have been able to obtain without having penetrated their system, without disclosing any detail in the process and also without disclosing how you did obtain this information. Sounds reasonable enough?
  10. Hi, I am relatively new but I think I can give a first answer. Pineapples are very well supported by Hak5. Consider that the previous incarnation, WiFi Pineapple V, has been launched in October 2013. Hak5 is about to provide the new 6th generation shell also to it, in February-March 2016: I have seen an announcement very recently; well, sort of. :) With the new interface, Wifi Pineapple will prolong its life for many more years. There are many who continue to use Mark IV or even older versions of WiFi Pineapple, even if they are not improved anymore. But this does not mean that they are dead! On the contrary: they could tell you many interesting stories on the goals achieved with them! It is quite natural for Hak5 to create new Firmwares very frequently, for new products, and to slow a bit as time passes, platform stabilizes and new projects are fired up. But it is your choice to upgrade or not. Right now the 6th generation platform is relatively unstable but it is growing fast: maturity is yet to come, but it is not too far. To answer your question, it is my personal idea but I feel that if you have a WiFi Pineapple V you would be able to play with the new interface for some years, having performances and features similar to the Nano. If you are going to buy a Tetra, you should be able to enjoy top notch performances and services for at least two or three years. But this is my idea, based on the historical evidences about Hak5 behaviors and considering the latest messages from Darren and the others. I am sure they will disprove me in 5 minutes time. :) That said, I have 15+ year of experience in IT, and I have rarely seen the passion and dedication I have seen in Hak5. I am sure that you will not been disappointed.
  11. I am wondering if Aardwolf Ambulance is helping also over this. Are we able to add HTTPS to the Management Web Site, yet? If not, when should we be able to? Thank you!
  12. Nevermind: now it seems to work. I just suppose that I had to restart the Nano.
  13. Hi, I have installed and executed the module, with the latest firmware (1.0.5). When executing it, after a while that it runs the page is cleared (only the Controls section is partially shown), the page is loaded again presumably when the execution finishes, and the output is cleared. I can find the report in /tmp/nmap.scan in the Nano, but I would show show in the interface also, or at least I would say where it can be found.
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