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  1. Is it possible to use one-click-buttons... like login with facebook or pay with paypal... on a landing Page? What methods these buttons use... are them based on simple text cookies? Is it possible to get useful data with that method? im thankfull for any hints and advises.
  2. maybe u can have mine...depends on your offer. Its the nano tactical edition wich runs pretty well here in Rostock. (also u can have the yagi antenna and an alfa-card as 3rd antenna for the nano... and if needed a 32gb sd card)... Greetings Densen.
  3. That solves my Problem with tethering for my Samsung Galaxy Tab S2. It does not accapt the delivered Cables. After taking the original Samsung Cable my Pad can connect to the Nano and the greyed out tethering option was working correctly. tryed every workaround from here but none helped me. Maybe u guys from hak5 can deliver the nano with a better/more compatible usb cable... to avoid other customers get frustrated. :) btw... awesome work with the nano. im very happy with my stick! thanks for ur work & perfect service.
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