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  1. Right.. and that works. I can set it for payload 1 and use ECM_ETHERNET... what I am wondering is if there is a script/setting I can use to turn that on as well for arming mode.
  2. Unfortunately - looking to do this from iOS, not Android.. Really just need a way to set ARMING mode to use ECM_ETHERNET instead of SERIAL ..
  3. Question - Looks like, in ARMING mode, the Bash Bunny is a dedicated serial console. Is there any way to get ARMING mode to be set as a USB Serial (OTG) device? (just trying to find an easy way to arm it via ssh and a phone). Or am I missing something - I tried SSH'ing into while arming, but that doesn't seem to work.. Thanks!
  4. Has anyone attempted to tether to an iPhone? Im guessing the easiest route would be to connect it via ClientAP and using Wifi Hotspot on the phone, but was curious if anyone figured out how to connect it via USB?
  5. Maybe I'm missing something obvious - but the download on http://www.wifipineapple.com/nanostill grabs 1.0.1 .. Where can I download 1.0.3 from? Thanks!
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