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    Sounds like Blizzard is going to be very busy in the next few years, especially with the RELEASE! of Starcraft 2, the development of Diablo 3, a new 'Secret' MMO, and even more WoW additions. This is of course why Blizzard is my favorite PC game company!
  2. Just off hand, I dont think that is a script Ill be using on my blog anytime soon, but it's a funny concept.
  3. Mine is JmactheATTACK
  4. Never used that before, looks cool. It brings a whole new look to related videos. Thanks
  5. Daedalus: Nice guide, that is really cool...
  6. jmac


    -/link appears to not really exist anymore/- Anyways, yeah nor many games have VOIP support. The major titles that I cant think of that have it are UT2k4 (possibly 3 too), CS:S, BF2, BF2142, and COD4. Now with that being said, most servers do not usually turn on that option. Also remember, anyone can host a 50+ slot teamspeak server for free at their house (of course that is if you have a T1 connection or close to it).
  7. I doubt anything much will come out of this Open Standard system because it has way to much competition and unless it gathers much support from the game developers, it wont have any decent titles.
  8. I have two screens atm; my main screen is an Acer AL1922 19" LCD and the other is a Toshiba REGZA 26" LCD TV. Im having problems getting my computer to use the Toshiba as a second screen, currently it only likes to act as either a dublicate screen, and/or an extended desktop which completely jacks up any screen that I try and maximize. Any suggestions?
  9. I look @ [H]ard|Forum - hardforums.com Hak.5 Forum & Xoxide.com Forums - xoxideforums.com (I mainly just like to look at the modding worklogs and case galleries)
  10. http://www.fnlggaming.com/desktops/desktopA08.png[/img] Im currently using the Windows XP Zune Theme and RocketDock. My background is from a random torrent that I d/l'd.
  11. I know that the Smooth Wall - Smoothie :) solution was a segment on episode 2x08, but I was wondering if anyone here knows if Smooth Wall is better than the IP-Cop firewall - which is the firewall my network is behind at the moment. Thx in advance, -Jmac^Attack
  12. Here's mine: -Jmac^Attack
  13. Here's a great project known as the Circumventor by PeaceFire. org. They are great because they have a mailing list that if you sign-up on, it will send you an email every time a new Proxy comes out. They normally release a new site every week, but lately they've been releasing them at an even higher frequency.
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