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  1. I remember a few seasons back when they first showed off the jackets and from what I recall, they never mentioned anything about selling them. I think they're just for the Hak5 crew to use when they're at cons and such.

  2. Wow! you must really do a good job at keeping your docs and folders organized. I would love to be able to reinstall windows and everything every 4-6 months, but I always have files everywhere and it becomes too daunting of a task to back it (all/ I always back up my important stuff!) up.

  3. Natural Selection 2

    Natural Selection 2 is an immersive, online FPS RTS that pits aliens against humans in a strategic and action-packed struggle for survival.

    Two Unique Sides

    Whether you play as one of the elite marine Frontiersmen or the vicious alien Kharaa, you must use unique strategies and your abilities to win. Marines form persistent squads to find and destroy alien hives. Aliens can choose a wall-running Skulk, pudgy Gorge, flying Lerk, murderous Fade or gigantic Onos that can smash through doors.

    Real-time Strategy

    Commanders play from overhead to lead their team to victory. Build structures anywhere, collect resources and research upgrades. Marines buy weapons at an Armory or build sentry turrets and siege cannons to assault the enemy. Aliens build upgrade chambers, evolve special abilities and plant traps.

    Dynamic Environments

    Spreading alien infestation deforms hallways and causes space station power failure, turning off lights and shutting down marine powered structures. Use a flamethrower to clear infestation or weld a bulkhead shut for a last defense. Every game is different.

    Unlimited Variations

    WYSIWYG graphical tools and powerful scripting allow you to create new weapons, scenarios or entirely new games. You'll get all our tools and Lua source code we're using to build NS2. Ongoing automatic updates keep the game fresh by adding new maps, weapons and abilities.

    The pre-alpha engine test came out two days ago for the new game and I thought I would see if there was any interest for it on the Hak5 forums. Originally, the first Natural Selection was just a Counterstrike 1.5 mod that was created many years ago. Since then, it has grown to be one of the biggest Counterstrike mods out there (pre-Source that is) and just recently, the studio behind it, Unknown Worlds started development on a stand-alone sequel to the original game. The sequel will have its own unique engine and will be based off of the mechanics from the original game.

    If there are any NS fans out there, hit me up and I'll send you my Steam ID.

    For anyone who might be clueless to the Natural Selection game, check out:

    NaturalSelection2.com | UnknownWorlds.com | Natural Selection - About

  4. Desktop_12_17_09_by_chA1nBull3t.png

    Something new to hit the seasons :)

    How the hell? If you don't mind me asking, what are you doing to get that awesome minimal desktop? (if it's rainmeter, please explain further than "I use rainmeter" ;) )

    Very nice!

  5. The Garmin nüvi® 1390T and an HP P1505n Laser Printer were the two tech items I got for Christmas. I'm loving the Garmin, it's pretty cool. I've already set the voice on it to Mr. Halloween lol, so now when I take a wrong turn on the route, it "Consults it's Spellbook for an answer!".

  6. That or join the armed forces, there are always jobs and depending on what kind of scores you get on your entrance exam, you can find a lot of training opportunities right of the bat that will give you a very solid future when you come out.

    Going into the arm forces for a computer job is not a bad idea.

    No kidding?

    Ever consider the Air National Guard? I enlisted in the Ohio Air National Guard (fyi, a branch of the Air Force)as a Network Infrastructure Systems Apprentice when I was 17 and a senior in high school. After I graduated, I immediately went off to training. Best decision I've made so far. I'm still in the Guard and because of it, I'm going to college for free, well actually... more like 110% free since the G.I. Bill pays me $600 a month above and beyond the cost of my tuition. Also, so far while I've been in the Guard, I've trained on Cisco Routers and Switches, VOIP, Call Manager, etc etc. I've learned a lot and it's paid off.

    Oh btw, if you've ever considered getting a job with a defense contractor, there's normally a little thing they require called a "SECURITY CLEARANCE". Clearances are very valuable to have and most "Computer Jobs" in the Air Force will give you one. Again, it's another nice thing to have on a resume.

    I'm 19 now and still in the Guard. I'm back in my home, hanging out with my friends, and doing all the stupid crap that 19 yr olds do and I really don't have too much to worry about aside from flunking out of college. I've already got a nice resume built up and the longer I'm with the Guard, the more experience I'll accumulate.

    I have a best friend that's in your same situation, so I get what you're going through. I hope what I said can help you in some way.


    Case: NZXT Tempest
    CPU: Intel i7 920 2.66ghz x4
    GPU's: 2x NVIDIA 285 1GB (SLI)
    HDD: 1.5TB 7200rpm SATA
    -------1.5TB 7200rpm eSATA
    -------1TB eSATA (2x 500GB RAID-0)
    -------[real total 3800GB~]
    RAM: 12GB DDR3 Cosair
    PSU: Corsair 750 Watt
    OS: Windows 7 RC


    MONITOR: Acer H233H 23" LCD
    SPEAKERS: Logitech Z-5500 5.1
    KEYBOARD: Logitech G15 (1st GEN)
    MOUSE: Logitech G5 (1st GEN)

  8. Since Hak.5 is now part of the REV3 network, they probably have very little choice on what they can produce in. Also as long as they're using MP4 formatting, I really dont see any need for anything else since MP4 does it all.

  9. This is a pretty cool project, Ive always wanted to do this in my home but have never really seen any great guides on this. You displayed all of your information very well.

    You should make video of this or take some shots to show it in action, especially for the "Adult Swim"-like intermissions.

    Awesome mod!

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