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  1. Agree, I do similar work with embedded/handheld devices and unless you do likewise it's hard to appreciate how much effort these take. Sounds great, I'm in line! The whole point behind these devices is because the work you do makes it easier for us. We could do our own companion device (e.g beagle) but it's so much better when you can do all that and package it up nicely together.
  2. Not surprised it doesn't work, OS X networking is goofy and there's frequent incompatibilities with Linux. In addition to Apple it's BSD derived. Get a virtual machine on your mac and run it from there.
  3. My TETRA came with a small 12V power adapter bundled with (not inside the box), and I just noticed on the instructions that ... Was this included as a freebie for the shipping delay or is it actually standard? Thanks either way, I really appreciate not having to source one and prefer not running off USB. Otherwise it's a neat device to fuel my techno-lust. I like the orange-blue-red LED's ...
  4. I wasn't clear - I have a few uses for it (i.e. a few wireless clients which are normally unconnected, but which I wouldn't mind connecting). My question is to how well it would do as a general purpose router? It has the basic facilities like DHCP, but is probably missing features you might see in some routers like DDWRT. Traffic shaping, allow connect times, website filtering ... Sounds like a good opportunity for some new modules.
  5. My house is all ethernet and I don't run WIFI, but it would be convenient for a thing or two. That's an idea for a router, what are your thoughts about using the TETRA as a general purpose router? I wouldn't be the ISP facing router, but one inside just for WIFI clients.
  6. Yeah, mine will get here in a day if it would just leave the Hak5 warehouse. Probably they need time to box everything up I guess.
  7. Great, thanks Darrin and team, waiting was not an issue. Just confirmation; I believe our cards charged at order time? So there won't be a charge on shipping if true.
  8. Well, that's obvious. I hope I wasn't implying he did it to torture us, having to press it proves we have physical access clearly. My question is is it really necessary to demonstrate physical access to the device after an upgrade? If it's a security feature then surely proving physical access is better before the upgrade. But then, why do we need that proof anyhow? The only way a non authorized user could initiate an upgrade is by bypassing security of the device and getting in, and if they do that then all bets are off anyhow.
  9. Hello, Is hitting the reset button on the back really necessary for upgrades? With the NANO in the tactical case it requires taking it out (at least I can't easily hit the button while it's in), which means taking the bottom antenna off. Not a big deal you think, but I work in high frequency test and here's a pro-tip, with RF connectors do not unscrew by rotating the main body of the connector. It's bad for the connectors leading to insertion loss over time (the contact points want to go straight in and out, not rotate around). The way to do it is by rotating the knurled part of the connector, while keeping the rest of the body stationary. Which isn't difficult with a professional quality connector, but with these little pigtails it's tough, especially when in the case. Now on this device the losses and connector quality might be low enough not to matter, but it's good practice with all your connectors. FYI -
  10. Thanks Seb for the clarification. With MIMO on both radios the range should be fantastic. So one of the micro-USB is for a second ethernet (I guess it would be via a OTG host cable?), what is the second micro-USB for, power?
  11. I've been enjoying and getting used to the NANO, what can we expect differently in the TETRA? What I know of .... 2.5GHz & 5GHz Four antennas compared to two - what is the function of each of them? Is one available for connecting to an AP without taking from other functionality. Ethernet - what tricks can we use this for? No SD card I think, but various USB ports which can be used how? Will it be using the same firmware base as the NANO?
  12. Try manually saving a log under Logging>Location, put it to "/sd/something.txt" I haven't tested whether that just changes the location or actually saves the log, it takes long enough that I think it saves a log. Then when you reboot that will be the default location to save.
  13. The nice thing about the Pineapple Juice is that it works perfectly in the tactical edition pouch. Really makes it easy to war walk. Downside is it has about 8 hours run time and no Charge Through feature (charge while running the Pineapple).
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