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  1. Well thanks for that Sebkinne. I had not been able to test this due to being stationary over the past few days while being under the weather, though still well enough to do an upgrade. I do not know why, I just swore I remember they did. Excellent to know there is interest in adding it.
  2. missed a few paths looked for the first post. ***not found in a few usual places as they do not appear to exist in this linux distro. /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/ /etc/network/interfaces/ Sorry, if this is not very useful, I am rather stuck on it. Anyone? Thanks.
  3. Maybe someone can share where to find the storage for WiFi Client Mode ssids and associated preshared keys *** no luck here grep -rnw '/' -e "psk" ...but found in plain text: /dev/mtdblock5:6947024:*mixed-psk▒1+tki)L▒.[PINEAPPLE ROOT WEB INTERFACE ACCESS PASS]' *** no luck here Found from the /etc/pineapple/ path then ran sqlite> .open ssid_list.db tried to select * from ssid_list; which yields nothing for me cause I haven't been been adding any to the filter lists I suppose. *** some success here Found from the /etc/config/wireless file held config wifi-iface option device 'radio1' option ifname 'wlan1' option mode 'sta' option key '[THE CURRENT KEY]' option network 'wwan' option ssid '[TO MY CURRENT GATEWAY SSID]' option encryption 'psk2+ccmp+tkip' BUT, I seem to remember these devices keeping the credentials for multiple gateway APs for WiFi Client Mode without having to retype them although the I believe you would need to be either out of range of a previously connected AP for it to connect automatically to the another previous AP that is in range....at worst you would need to restart the pineapple and it would remember the the other AP. My question is: Where does the pineapple store the rest of these ssid's and keys that are not in use? This way when I upgrade I don't have to revisit APs find/remember and fill out credentials every time but instead just copy and paste them to the correct file(s) over ssh or whatever.
  4. I think it is an excellent plan to see this complimentay commandline get implemented! If I were able to afford any time to contibute I would love to help.
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