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  1. Well thanks for that Sebkinne. I had not been able to test this due to being stationary over the past few days while being under the weather, though still well enough to do an upgrade. I do not know why, I just swore I remember they did. Excellent to know there is interest in adding it.
  2. missed a few paths looked for the first post. ***not found in a few usual places as they do not appear to exist in this linux distro. /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/ /etc/network/interfaces/ Sorry, if this is not very useful, I am rather stuck on it. Anyone? Thanks.
  3. Maybe someone can share where to find the storage for WiFi Client Mode ssids and associated preshared keys *** no luck here grep -rnw '/' -e "psk" ...but found in plain text: /dev/mtdblock5:6947024:*mixed-psk▒1+tki)L▒.[PINEAPPLE ROOT WEB INTERFACE ACCESS PASS]' *** no luck here Found from the /etc/pineapple/ path then ran sqlite> .open ssid_list.db tried to select * from ssid_list; which yields nothing for me cause I haven't been been adding any to the filter lists I suppose. *** some success here Found from the /etc/config/wireless file held config wifi-iface option device 'radio
  4. I think it is an excellent plan to see this complimentay commandline get implemented! If I were able to afford any time to contibute I would love to help.
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