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  1. I use cyberduck (putty does the same) to ssh into the pineapple, then save the original files on my computer and replace what I want or what I want to test. IF something gets messed up Just replace the file back with the original file you saved on your computer. I know thats old school, but it works. If you get your layout how you want it, then just copy the NEW edited files over to your computer so you have a backup of your preferred layout. Then, when you do a firmware update, you can just drag the NEW edited files over to replace them from your computer. Hope that helps, and makes sense.
  2. Everything seems to working perfect. I have been waiting for this module, still one of my favorites from the Mark V . TY Foxtrot! Im about to attempt to add my own rolls I'll let you know if I run into bugs.
  3. Broadcom BCM43143 chipset ‚Äč802.11b/g/n
  4. Any advice on setting up a Raspi Dongle? model :wlu6331 Any help is greatly appreciated. TY
  5. Haven breaker - Is it possible that something got changed? My client "#" is black .... as well as my "ssid" on dashboard but the time is still "white". Ive tried many browsers and cache refresh. As well as using it on my phone. Same thing.
  6. It will give that message if you click any of the boxes below PineAP Daemon before selecting PineAp Daemon. It thats not it then it could be a browser flub, try a refresh.
  7. Yeah this seems to be happening on the new firmware as well. A problem I have is if the first probe is my home network and it gets added to the ssid list then I can't delete it because of the previous topic mentioned. As I'm running pine ap fully open and I am using up Wlan1 , I use the 036neh adapter for wlan2 to connect Internet from my home network. It seems as if my network is added in the pineap ssid list overtime wlan2 drops and I can't reconnect due to a. My network not showing up on scan or b. It reads "false". I hope this helps with some trouble shooting. I know Sebkinne is already aware of the client mode issue as well, but for some reason I think this all ties together.
  8. Everything seems to work great. It is nice to have WLan2 up and going now. Keep it up !
  9. Anyways you could perhaps share that CSS havenbreaker ? Most of my wardriving is done at night and that layout would be perfect.
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