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  1. I must be doing something wrong. I get the flashing white " Dependencies not met. Responder not installed in /pentest " I tried loading the tools and think I did it right. Also the Bunny does not show up as a WiFi device when I run that script.
  2. TyJoKo My pleasure. Doctare
  3. I tried some scripts and on my WP computer they worked fine but my W10 they failed. What I ended up doing was testing first line 1 then adding a command line one at a time and using a long delay DELAY 1500 between each command line until I got it working. Then I shortened the delays until it was trying to run too fast and settled on the fastest functional speed. At one point I began testing the the key commands manually to see if they worked at all on my W10 computer. That is where I found GUI command did not work in W10 and after looking up alternate commands I found CTRL ESC would do it.
  4. Hi I'm new to this but I've figured out somethings about using the Ducky on Windows 10. 1) GUI didn't work but CTRL ESC did to open the windows start menu but not always if another window was selected. 2) to get to an administrative command prompt I found that using: DEFAULT_DELAY 150 DELAY 300 CTRL ESC STRING cmd.exe MENU DOWN ENTER seemed to get the job done. I'm attaching the two scripts I wrote this evening. GL W10 open admin command.zip MAKE ADMIN USER.zip
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