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  1. I had to bang my head against the wall for days to figure this out. Actually your solution saved me, however you need to make sure that you place that line between the connection tags
  2. This looks useful for sure. However am wondering it the proxy authenticates with a username and password. How do I configure this? Thanks mate.
  3. Hi guys, I have setup my turtle to running with openvpn. However my biggest challenge is to get it to connect to the vpn through squid authentication proxy. Any ideas on how i can go about this? Cheers
  4. Hi alphax30, have you made any head-way on this? am having pretty a similar problem. I've set up my turtle with openvpn. However in my test environment we have squid proxy running. Can't get the turtle to connect to my openvpn server. Any help will be grateful.
  5. The trick is that you need to enable floating IP.
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