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  1. Hi So I am trying to troubleshoot this issue. I have the Nano on the lastest firmware and I uploaded my standard ssid_file to get everything going and verified that I could see SSIDs being broadcast on IOS latest and Windows 10 latest. So far so good.Shut it down and then booted up the tetra Verified that PineAP was running (via the Web UI), uploaded the ssid_file and then looked for the SSIDs via my phone and laptop. I couldnt see any SSIDs being broadcast except the Management AP, & the Open AP. Any ideas on what might be the issue or how to resolve. Tetra is running the latest 1.1.2 firmware and I have tried disabling and enabling PineAP just to be sure. Ideas, comments, suggestions appreciated
  2. Hi Since the last update of the Tetra was 1.1.2 back nearly 1 year ago to the day, I am wondering if we can expect a major update any time soon.
  3. Totally correct there.. typo on my part
  4. If you are doing Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) from WIndows, look and make sure after you have shared the Connection to your Pineapple that the default address has not been overwritten with the ICS defaults. Your Pineapple should have an IP of
  5. When you share to your pineapple, you might need to recheck the settings because ICS in Windows assigns a new IP to the device overriding the defaults on the Pineapple which means you wont be able to connect to it via the Admin UI. I wrote up a blog post on it which walks through it http://www.certsandprogs.com/2016/01/configuring-wi-fi-pineapple-nano.html
  6. I wrote a blog post on it for setting it up with Windows 10 http://www.certsandprogs.com/2016/01/configuring-wi-fi-pineapple-nano.htmland will be writing up some more on it over the next couple of weeks
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