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  1. The last bulletin just happens to be for 1.0.4. regardless of what version you are on. go to the advanced tab and see what version it shows that will be what you are currently on.
  2. I just did the 8 second reset button hold on mine today and it reset perfectly while maintaining 1.0.5.
  3. Supposed to say you don't have to redirect anything... It is automatic with the phone. I use it myself and it works great.
  4. You redirect anything if you're using your Android phone tethered to the nano with a usb cable, just verify the pineapple has Internet as explained in the Android video Darren posted. Also the wifi ssid you are trying to have your "victims" connect to, are you adding it via the ssid pool in pineap or the same page you setup your management ap?
  5. Just a question about how you are trying to hook up. Reading your first post word for word you are not following the order Darren has listed as the first 3 steps. All of my Android devices will not allow usb tethering to be turned on until a device is connected. Also if the device you are using is Marshmallow the new version of Chrome doesn't seem to play nice, I use Firefox. Hope that helps.
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