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  1. Same problem here. Cycled through all relevant settings (even if they made no sense to change), did firmware reset twice... nada. PineAP is blind. Update: Problem disappeared. Switched out antennas, did another reset, reboot to make sure settings were persistant, suddenly started working again. Go figure.
  2. Hey, no need for apologies. Just trying to troubleshoot your issues, because I know how frustrated I would be if I experienced your problems. I find your reaction quite understandable. It *is* quite possible that you actually did have the misfortune of getting a faulty unit. I've seen a few posts where people described various issues they had with their Nano and after much back and forth they had it exchanged and, voilĂ , their problems disappeared. If you don't have a usb wifi dongle, you should really get one; they cost close to nothing nowadays. Putting the Nano into client mode without a 3rd wifi is a no-no, since it will mess with whatever you're running over your Nano's internal radios. I suggest grabbing a WN722N; you can find it for around 10 bucks and it won't be wasted money since it a widely supported adaptor that uses the Atheros AR9271 chipset, which works out of the box with most pentest distros. I prefer it over the alfa which many recommend for a simple reason: it's stylish enough to not raise eyebrows when you whip it out in public.
  3. I'm not sure where your problems stem from, but I can't confirm any of them. I almost exclusively connect to the Nano over Wifi while in client mode via a third adapter. No problems whatsoever, Pine Ap working away happily while I'm surfing, recon scans working etc. Perhaps a factory reset can help; you might want to try that. Or perhaps the Wifi dongle is the source of your problems. I am using both a no-name mini plug with a Ralink 5370 and the TP-Link WN722N without any problems. While at home, I prefer to use the TP-Link adapter since the mini plug tends to heat up quite a lot during operation.
  4. I feel like perhaps I should post a pic of a Nano sitting amidst a nice bouquet of yagi antennas or something. I'm gonna go and plaster my walls with aluminium foil now. Maybe later.
  5. Well, *now* you're telling me... I had no idea this could happen. Good to know. ...sorta. I actually wish you wouldn't have told me; powering down and booting up again every time I try a new antenna is gonna eat up way too much of my life time. I've switched antennas on the nano a dozen times or so, while it was running, with no adverse effects (as far as I can tell). I guess I got lucky. Now, of course, I'm all paranoid.
  6. I'm going OT here, but I figured I'd throw this in to amuse you guys. Since we're talking about the form factor of the battery and the tactical case... I just *now* figured out that the case actually has an opening on the bottom for the usb connector. All this time I've been using electrical tape to strap the Nano, the battery and a TP-Link WN722N into a bundle when throwing it into my backpack. Needless to say I got annyoed at having to dismantle the contraption every time I had to press the reset button. Would it not have been for this thread, I might not have inspected the case again for a while. So yeah, try and beat that one for stupidity. :)
  7. I'd say check the Nano's logs for failed inits, sounds like there might be a problem. Is wlan1 actually switched to monitor mode when you run the PineAP Daemon? (It should appear as 'wlan1mon' under 'Advanced' in 'Networking'.
  8. What you should have done is take your Nano to the mall with you, that would have cleared up the issue. Like I mentioned b4, my knowledge of iPhones is rudimentary at best, but I'm assuming it doesn't deviate from Androids that much when it comes to the way it prioritizes Wifi networks. If you have location awareness services running on your mobile device, it can (and will) make an educated guess as to what networks will be in range. Upon approaching the office it would correctly prioritize the Nano's AP and connect to it b4 sending out beacons for other networks. Granted, it's been ages since I last tested this, since my devices don't broadcast their network list and always have location awareness functions turned off when I don't need them. I don't want to let this steer OT, but I have to ask... If nothing else, aren't you guys bothered by the battery drain? Why would you leave all that crap running when it takes a simple button press to switch it off. You could also automate the proccess and save yourself that click. Sorry if I come across like a smartass - totally not my intention, I promise. Just curious.
  9. I get your frustration. It should work. Please try the following: 1. go to PineAP, clear SSID Pool, manually add a random SSID (random name that'll easily catch your eye) 2. Enable PineAP Daemon 3. check only Broadcast SSID Pool, leave everything else unchecked, click 'Save PineAP Settings' Now check on another device of your choice if the SSID shows up on the list of available networks. If it doesn't, something is fubar; factory reset your Nano, perform 1.0.5 upgrade and repeat. Otherwise proceed: 4. In PineAP, additionally check 'Capture SSIDs to Pool', click 'Save PineAP Settings' Now the SSID pool should begin to populate. (remember that the counter in Dashboard only increments upon refresh) Again: if it doesn't, something is fubar. If you have an Android device, you can find the list of stored networks in: data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf (obviously you need to be rooted in order to view that) If there's nothing there, then there's no beacon for your nano to hear. Can't help you with IOS, but I recall some app called NetworkList or NetworkInfo that might help you. Runs on Cydia framework or something, you need to be jailbroken. Sorry, but I've never owned anything apple. Keep at it, keep us updated. I have faith in you, young Skywalker.
  10. Client filter list empty and set to block? Also, b4 you take it to the field: try at home, in a controlled environment. It help norrowing down the problem. On a side note (really not trying to be a smartass, I promise), you should get into the habit of turning wifi on only when you're about to use it.
  11. Given the environment you described, is it reasonable to assume that everyone else in the office has wifi turned off on their phones while at work in order to preserve battery? Did you usually walk into work with wifi turned on even though you knew that there was no wifi to connect to?
  12. Chromebooks (Xubuntu, Kali Live) Nexus 7 (Paranoid 4.4.2, Nethunter, AOSP) Win7 notebooks Initially tried connector app, couldn't tether, didn't bother with it any further. Dev & MTP enabled.
  13. You nailed it. Edited network file, rebooted and now my world is back in order. Thanks a lot, now I can finally catch some sleep. :)
  14. The main router on my home network uses two distinct DNS servers (log- and censorship free, i.e. *not* Google). Nano is connected to router via WiFi (wlan2, TP-Link TL-WN722N). When client devices are connected directly through the router all queries go to the DNS servers stored in the router, as expected. When client devices are connected through the Nano ( I suddenly see a number of Google servers in the 74.125.18.xxx range (Netherlands) show up in leak tests. ??? (<-- clueless and sleepless)
  15. Yup, already confirmed. Head on over to the EvilPortal board: https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/37081-evilportal/#entry271428
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