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  1. I received my Tetra yesterday, updated to latest firmware (2.5.2) during setup. Recon works fine, went to PineAP and checked the boxes to add SSIDs to the pool, allow associations and to broadcast the pool (all boxes checked and daemon is enabled). The pool list never refreshes with new SSIDs. I can add from the scan or manually and they broadcast, however, when I connect using another device I get a message "Unable to Join the network XXXXXX" I get this even on the OpenSSID. The AP Management SSID connects just fine. This is right out of the box, following all the instructions. I have rebooted and restored to factory defaults twice. Any suggestions?
  2. Yep did that several times and it displays when it is near five feet away. Tried walking it in and refreshing every ten feet or so from across the house and yard. It use to pick up lots more but think the receiver is shot. Wont broadcast the list either.
  3. This is very similar to my problem, tried everything. PineAP will only gather from about five feet away. Recon / Site Survey works no issue. However, connecting to management AP, I get nothing or bad password and I know it is right - changed and did all sorts of troubleshooting. I did a test creating a network from the other side of the house. Watched and refreshed PineAP result every few minutes. Walked it in ten feet and checked, did this until five feet away and it finally showed up in the list. Repeated this several times with same result. Factory reset several times as well.
  4. I have a problem with the pine ap not collecting or broadcasting SSIDs. Everything else seems to work and I did multiple factory resets and two upgrades currently on 1.1.3. I can use airmon-ng to set promo mode and airodump-ng to manually get APs. Recon works as well and I can add recon list to PineSSID but it wont broadcast. Video below. Any suggestions?? TNX
  5. Ok, Thanks MarcSThe1st. I will hold off on using that. I have created a startup script to enable the landing page which works. However, getting it to work is tricky at times. I don't have much time today to look into it and I am not a pineapple expert so I am learning while digging into the code. What is reproducible is WiFi Client Mode connected to internet the landing page works. If I disconnect WiFi client mode the landing page does not work, so I can't broadcast SSIDs from PineAP and have the landing page work (consistently). I believe that it may be a routing issue.
  6. Ok, I reset again and only set some basic configurations and it seems to work. I will try to replicate it over time, there is something that changes either after loading modules or rebooting.
  7. I am attempting to set up the landing page, everything seems to work however except upon connecting to the access point the client does not receive the captive portal landing page. In addition upon restarting the nano the state of the portal is not saved and there is not an option like the PineAP to save start config. I also tried the EvilPortal Module with different results. The EvilPortal does not load correctly (some php scripts - the same as landing page) and the client does not receive that page upon connecting. I had this working once, but something changed. I reset the device and formatted the SD card and that did not fix it. Looking for some troubleshooting steps. Thanks, Tom
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