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  1. I just tried to order one and they're definitely sold out. I missed the train.
  2. After above steps if i ssh to nano and run commands i getDmesg Ifconfig -a
  3. This worked for me, too. However, even though I am tethered, and I am able to load the bulletin on the dashboard, connected clients do not have internet access. I suspect part of the problem is that I am using mobile hotspot to get internet to my tablet possibly. Out in the wild, my nexus 7 is only wifi, so I use hotspot from my iphone to get internet to it. Then get access to the UI via your method, but clients have no internet access. My tablet is running nethunter, I tried to do a configure via wp6.sh, but being tethering is enabled, I have no idea how I'd configure it Putting pineapple on wlan0 setting in wp6.sh hangs every time.. I don't even know if that will work. I assume if I can load the bulletin, clients should have internet. apparently not the case in this situation.
  4. Anyone have any idea on this, or what I could check to get this figured out? AP + client is the only way I can see to get to deauth. like I said it loads indefinitely when I try to scan. AP only works fine though.
  5. I have tried 15, 30 and 1 minute. I've tried with the continuous box checked and not checked. I've also tried scanning AP only and then scanning AP + client after. AP only comes up in seconds. It's always with client and AP it won't load. The bar is still moving like it's trying, it just never loads.
  6. Like others I've seen lately posting, I'm new to the pineapple world. Seems like a great group of people and a great product. I got my pineapple nano and did all the proper, appropriate setup steps on my Kali Linux machine (Mac book pro / Kali live usb persistence) I use my MacBook cause the internal card supports promic mode. Anyway.. Did the wp6.sh, verified Internet was there by loading the bulletin. So next was to go to the recon screen. I am able to scan AP only, but when I try to scan AP & Client, the status bar fills to 100%, but never displays any info. 5 minutes later it's still loading status bar at 100%. Seems as I need this feature to use with pineAP so I can death clients as just scanning APs doesn't help. Anyone else have this problem or know how I can fix it? It does the same thing on my Windows 10 machine. My chrome version on Linux is 47.0.2526.106 64 bit. I have already tried a factory reset of the nano with the same problem persisting. Thanks in advance for any help or advice.
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