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  1. I don't understand what you're trying to do. You want the nano to work on your laptop, or your phone? You only need a 3rd card if you're not tethering. But if you've done the initial setup of the nano and set a management ssid and password, you should be able to connect to the nano interface via that ssid over wifi with no internet at all at
  2. Thanks, I was having this issue too. Love the theme, I was working on something very similar when you released yours. Made my life easier :) kudos!
  3. Doesn't kmod-usb-net-ipheth module only work up til iOS 7? I read they removed it. If it works with iOS 9 I'll try this.
  4. Thanks. I'll check it out.
  5. Seems like exact same problem I had. No wlan1 and phy1 no info. Scans got stuck at 100% with AP + client and would lock the nano up until a reboot. Normal AP scan worked. Lsusb didn't show the radio either. They ended up replacing my nano and my new one works perfectly.
  6. I'm not doing anything illegal.
  7. If you tap on the box it will pop up the edit / quote boxes on mobile. Took me a while to figure out also.
  8. Does anyone have some experience using these services? I currently have a wpa2 cap file on onlinehashcrack but I see in a quick search there's many places that offer this service. Trying to see which ones people use most and what your success rates have been. I have some tables setup on a drive, but nothing extensive as these service claim to be able to crack. Thanks in advance for any input.
  9. What if you just brought the whole interface down? Ifconfig wlan0 down. If you're tethering and just sniffing networks wouldn't that worK? You obviously wouldn't get associations and whatnot using pineAP.
  10. Yeah it works well. I want to get another one of those 180 degree adapters. I'll use it on the power side, then I can use my USB linksys dongle instead of the Alfa and I should be able to fit it all in the tactical case.
  11. Well, I don't know why, maybe it's some feature (maybe Darren can elaborate), but when I boot up the pineapple with my Alfa attached, it does the green LED thing and bypasses my wlan1 onboard card and the Alfa becomes wlan1. Don't know what use that would have. If you boot the pineapple, then plug your other card in once it's booted, there's no problem. I don't know why you're having power issues. I just connect the pineapple to my juicepack 4000, then connect to the management interface with my iPhone. Then I plug the Alfa in and connect it to my wifi at my place and everything works fine. I don't even plug it into my laptop.
  12. Darren had said there were no drivers for the Alfa yet. I can't get my Alfa to pickup client mode. It shows up as wlan2, but when I try to connect it to Internet with client mode, it fails and defaults back to wlan1 and no connection is made. Tried it multiple times.EDIT: scratch that. When you conned wlan2 to Internet via client mode, it doesn't tell you you're connected, it just resets. But I see I have an ip and verified I have internet for connected clients. All is well :)
  13. You know Darren is a master of decryption solely because he was able to read that. :D
  14. Sh3llz is probably in rockyou, along with a bunch of other dictionary words with hax0r talk. :p. I wouldn't consider it a strong password. But look online.... Social media, banks, pretty much anywhere with sensitive information. They're now all requiring upper and lower case, a number and special symbol with at least 8 characters. Now, I'm not saying everyone is necessarily putting those as their router password. But, I promise you a lot of them are. Just because we know people like to have the same passwords for everything, In the 90 / 2000s my passwords were all dictionary crackable. I know it can work, definitely. And maybe I'm just pessimistic about it because of the lack of success I've had over the past couple years. Hopefully everyone else is doing better. Im not very patient though, either. :)
  15. Why bother making tables? Isn't it just as fast to just run your list? Tables were only convenient when ssids were the same. Like... "Linksys" now they're even wise to that and distribute different names for every router. End of the day, all that matters is if that password is in your list file. Doesn't matter how fast you can crack off attempts. That's the hard part. ThemDamComplexPasswords986361@--
  16. Wordlist attacks are pretty much pointless these days now that passwords are so strong. You can run darkc0de and rockyou all day and probably have less than a 10% chance... I mean, LanTurtle123@ isn't gonna be in there, and those are the kind of passwords you're dealing with these days. I think a lot of people get mislead on wordlist/brute force attacks. Watching a couple YouTube videos of some guy who stuck his router password in a small word list gets people all excited. Hashcat is good because it uses hash algorithms to speed things up, and allows rules for brute force attacks but again, if you have no recon and using all wild cards, you better have 100 years to sit around. Of course this is all my opinion, maybe others have raging success with BF attacks. It's still fun to learn. I'm just saying, unless you're lucky, don't get too keen on brute forcing 4-ways. This is why tools like the pineapple exist. If it were easy, everyone would do it. You can still wander around older apartment complexes and find the odd man out with wep and crack for fun if you want :p I wish reaver worked better.
  17. Sorry, didn't think it would be this difficult to post on my phone. Let me know if you need anything else and thanks for taking the time out to help me, I know you're really busy. I appreciate it. :)
  18. Ran out of room... iw phy1 info just giving usage... Actually noticing now it's not capturing ssids for my pool like this, either. And when I run recon AP + client it causes pineAP to crash and I can't get it up unless I reboot. Soon as I reboot with an adapter in the female port I can run iw phy1 info and everything seems to work including recon. Looks like I only have one radio. When I plug in an adapter, it goes straight to wlan1 and the pineapple puts it into promisc mode (wlan1mon)I'm assuming that's why it's interacting with the UI when I do recon scans, because wlan1 is what the UI is expecting. I tried to issue a ifconfig wlan1 up and it says it's unrecognized. Hmm....
  19. Dmesg lsusb iwconfig -a (assuming you meant this and not ifconfig -a?) iw phy0 info
  20. output from /usr/bin/pineapple/site_survey 15 It completes over command line, but still doesn't in the web UI. and every time I do the command on command line, it says "No Clients Connected, which is incorrect.... however.....if I plug in my AWUS036NEH (from my hak5 kit) in the female pineapple port, then it works just fine. Is that normal? to recap.. Live usb boot of KALI on my macbook, male pineapple usb into port and the alfa plugged into the pineapple is the only way I can get the pineapple to scan AP + Client. After I plug the AWUS036NEH into the nano and run the site_survey 15 from command line I get clients: Does that mean there's an issue with the raido, or am I just not getting this all the way, and you need a 3rd card for this to work? wlan0 is for the rogue ap, and wlan1 is for sniffing / promisc, right? Sorry if I'm confused, still figuring it all out. Once i get it figured out it seems like it's going to be much easier than lugging my laptop and doing it all command line in kali.
  21. Had my nano up for 3.5 hours with the Alfa piggybacked and I still had two bars on my 4000. Recon, pineAP, logging with around 600 APs in my pool.
  22. I realize that. I'm just speaking in terms of availability.
  23. Might be able to do what I did for my nexus running nethunter. Connect to the management interface of the nano via wifi, ssh to the nano and run ifconfig. Gives you the lan IP of the pineapple on your device it's connected to. My case it was 192.168.x.x. Then from your device, navigate your browser to that 192.168.x.x:1471. Worked for me.
  24. Wonder if this will be it until the non development release? Or was this an actual release unlike the nano? Assuming not as it's the same UI.
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