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  1. I've had similar issues with mine, although mine wont scan AP's, just clients! I have also reset and switched firmware from 1.0.5 to 1.0.3 and neither helped.
  2. Ok post 3, i think my Nano is broken. Even after manually putting my Nano back in to firmware 1.0.3, it still wont find any AP's, the management AP doesnt work and it's just a bit broken. So i think its a message to get a replacement for this.
  3. I am not able to connect to the management AP on my Pineapple when it is started by connecting to the Pineapple juice battery. The AP becomes visible, i can click it and type in the key. But after that in windows 10 i get "Cannot connect to this network" Linux just freezes trying to connect. And andoid gives up after about 5 seconds. But when the Pineapple is attatched to my computer via USB i can connect to the management AP with windows 10 and linux. Then i can attatch it to the battery and maintain my connection and move it elsewhere. But when it is switched off and back on on the battery,
  4. Thanks alot for that detailed explanation Darren! I'll be sure to do some reading in to this.
  5. I find that a bit weird really. You'd think that a device like the Pineapple would have functionality for something so fundemental to it's core purpose. I'm gonna get a highly directional antenna, hopefully one that is actually the dbi it specifies.
  6. I was just checking out the txpower of the radio's on the Nano. I saw that one of them is running at 18dbi, which is a little low for my liking. "iw reg get" told me my max allowed txpower is 30dbi. So i did, ifconfig wlan0 down iwconfig wlan0 txpower 20 ifconfig wlan0 up and then iwconfig to check txpower. It was still at 18dbi. Now i have just gone through the process of upping my Kali install's txpower and it was a mission and a half. I was really hoping the Pineapple would do it the easy way! I also tried the "iw phy phy1 set txpower fixed 20" But this also failed. So what can i do
  7. In true IT world style the Pineapple works fine today! If i encounter anything else i'll try to be specific. I was thinking it had something to do with PineAP but as i say .. seems fine today!
  8. Mine is totally unstable after 1.0.3 My Pineapple keeps disconnecting, it's crashing and rebooting, or just rebooting. It's totally unusable. Tried with both Windows 10 and Kali.
  9. Hmm my Nano has stopped logging? Despite a few restarts. Might be a temporary thing. It's also frozen a few times requiring a restart. Just thought i'd help the dev.
  10. Solved my issue, god i hate windows. On the plus side! Sucessfully sniffing some packets with wireshark from the pineapple :)
  11. Spent at least an hour and a half trying to get Kali to connect to my router. This is such a pain it's ridiculous.
  12. I've tried everything i can think of, changed every setting windows 10 has to offer. Nothing seems to work. I decided to download Kali Linux, but the issue there is that i haven't used Linux in about 11 years. Would really appreciate the help.
  13. Hello, This is my first time using the Pineapple. I have the Nano, and have spent probably 2 hours trying to get it to work. I have encountered some truly strange issues that are beyond my knowlege. Plugged in and went straight to the setup and that went fine, so i activated connection sharing on my wifi adapter. Then i lost connectivity to the pineapple. So i stopped sharing the connection and regained connectivity. I checked the IP of the pineapple and it was set static, so i set that to automatic and with sharing activated i can now use the pineapple again. BUT the pineapple can not acces
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